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Parent Update - 11.11.23

Hey Parents -

Packed with content and overflowing with awesome, here is this week's Parent Email Update.

In this week's update:

1) Sunday Morning
2) Sunday Evening
3) Wednesday Evening
4) Sunday, November 19
5) HS Retreat Pictures and Highlight Video
6) MS and HS Devo Books
7) This Past Sunday Night

1) Sunday Morning

  • Worship at 8:30 and 10:30

  • Bible classes at 9:40. 
    - MS class will be taught by our two girl interns, Andie Wells and Adrie Gruis. 
    - HS class will be taught by Monty and Heather.  HS class will move to the auditorium shortly after we begin.  Our HS students will be helping with something during worship.  We worked on it on Wed night and will work on it again during class on Sun.  We hope all HS students will be involved. 

2) Sunday Evening

  • Girls vs. Guys Volleyball and Family Night - 6:00pm. 

  • Volleyball, supper, fun. 

  • Please RSVP here for supper:

  • This is for ALL MS & HS students and families.  Students play.  Parents / siblings cheer them on. In the gym.  Supper after.  It's always a great night.

  • The girls team is the Jingle Belles, and they are wearing Christmas colors. 

  • The guys did not come up with a name yet (possibly signaling their future defeat at the volleyball game, yikes)

    - Intersection for MS & HS students. 7pm
    - Parent Gathering in the Commons for anyone who can come. 7pm
    - Kids' Small Group in the MS room for any 6th grade and unders. 7pm

3) Wednesday Evening
If you're missing Wednesday evenings, you're missing a lot. Hope you can join us this Wednesday night at 7:00pm

4) Sunday, November 19

  • Two special things on Nov 19:
    1) at 5pm: Some of our students are helping with the 5pm class in the Commons.  All students are welcome to join us and meet some of our older members.  We will worship, spend some time in Bible study, play some games, and some of the older folks are making cookies to have when we're done.
    2) At 7pm: Magi Gift Box Night.  It's a field trip night.  We'll load the bus and go to Walmart to buy things for Magi Gift Boxes. (boxes distributed by missionaries at Christmas)  Students need $5 per person. (if they can, or we will provide if needed)  Students will group up and buy things for boxes.  We plan to be back to the church by 8:00pm.  This is always a fun and memorable evening. 
    (And don't forget, Breakthrough is at 6pm for anyone who can come to it)

5) HS Retreat Wrap-Up (and Pictures and Video)

  • The HS Retreat last weekend was so great.  We're so thankful for God's blessings and presence with us during the weekend. 

  • You can see pictures here:

  • You can see the retreat highlight video we showed on Wed night here:

  • Thanks to our parents who went: Jody Dacus, Lisa Hanna, Stacey Ksionda, and Brandon Theis.  Thanks also to Katie Giletto and CJ Bridges for going with us.  We could not have done it without all of them. 

6) MS and HS Devo Books - Helping students grow on their own

  • Middle School - We continue to encourage students to go through the MS Devo book if they have not already completed it.  It is based on the MS Retreat theme, Micah 6:8.  The four weeks are technically over, but students can still complete it if they have not already done so.  If your son/daughter needs a book, let us know.  Info here: MS Retreat book

  • High School - We just finished week one of the four week devo book.  It is based on the HS Retreat theme, The Darkness and the Light.  We encourage students to keep going or get started if they haven't started yet.    We have a few books left for students who need them or they can access it online:

7) This Past Sunday Night -
Thanks to everyone who joined us at Intersection as we went to sing at Betty Perkins' house.  It was so great.  She told our students stories.  She got to know our students and we got to know her.  We sang.  We prayed.  We laughed.  Really, it was so good. 

We know these parent emails can sometimes get long.  There is much more we could say about class content or current memory verses or our interns and so much more, but we're trying to keep you informed but not overwhelmed.  Hope we're hitting a happy medium with what we share.

That's it for this week.  We so hope your son/daughter can be involved in classes and youth activities.  They are all intended to help you as you raise your children to love and follow the Lord.  If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know. 

With joy!

Monty and Heather

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  Psalm 91:1


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