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Parent Update from 11.26.22

Hey Parents -

Happy Weekend After Thanksgiving to everyone. We hope Thanksgiving was great for your family.

Here are 7 quick things to know about:

1) This Sunday:

  • Potluck Breakfast at 9:30

  • Worship at 10:30

  • No Bible Classes

  • No Sunday night gatherings

2) High School Weekend Retreat Sign-Up Deadline is This Sunday (11/27)

  • This is our only weekend retreat of the year for our HS students  It's a great chance to grow in faith and grow in friendship with other students. If you can't come to all of it, come to part.  All sign-up info can be found at:

3) Christmas Parties

  • HS - December 4 at 5:30pm.  Students need $3 for supper and a wrapped white-elephant gift to exchange (Intersection for all MS/HS will begin at 7. Parent Gathering and Kids' Small Group too.)

  • MS - December 11 at 6:00pm.  Students need a white-elephant gift to exchange.  Supper is at no cost. (Intersection for all MS/HS at 7. Parent Gathering and Kids' Small Group too.)

4) MAGI Gift Box Packing Night

  • Sunday, December 11, during Intersection.  All MS & HS.  We'll head to Walmart and students will team up to pack a box.  Students need $5 each (if they do not have it, we will provide)  We'll get 5 students to pack a box together, and they will shop for the things to fill the box. (Parent Gathering and Kids' Small Group will meet as usual)

5) You can pack a MAGI Gift Box as a family.

  • Pick up an empty box in the Great Hall and return it by December 18.  Instructions can be found with the boxes.

6)  10 Chapters Every Teen Should Know

  • The last 8 weeks have been great as we have gone through 10 chapters every teen should know on Sunday mornings.  You can see a list of the chapters we have chosen so far at  We'll introduce our new chapter on Dec 4 in Bible class.  Whether your student has been able to come ot class or not, we hope they'll read through the chapters each week.  And this is also a great opportunity to read the Bible together as a family and use these chapters.

7)  December's Coming

  • The last month of the year is nearly here.  Yes, it's a busy month, but it's also a great month to be at church every chance you can.  Sun mornings, Sun evenings, Wed evenings.  Being involved at church and being in community with others is a great way to end the year.

If you are able to help with any of the above things, here is a link to a parent sign-up page:

We are always praying for our students.  If there is anything specific we can pray about for your student or your family, let us know.

May God bless you and your family today.

- monty and heather

54 When the centurion and those with him who were guarding Jesus saw the earthquake and all that had happened, they were terrified, and exclaimed, “Surely he was the Son of God!”  - Matthew 27:54 (from last week's 10 Chapters Every Teen Should Know) 

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