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If you are looking to RSVP, please text Monty directly (979 676   3993) since we are not checking the RSVP form anymore.  Glad for you to come.
It's coming August 8.  A boat race like no other.  Because, the boats are homemade.  And the main main ingredient used to make each boat is cardboard. Yeah, it's going to be great.
Here are the big details:

All students who have finished 7th-12th grades and their families.

When:  Sunday evening, August 8
                Hamburger dinner at 6:15
                Races begin around 7:00 or 7:15

Where:  Lake Bryan park
                 Supper will be at the Pavilion (we have it reserved)
                 The race will be in the water - possibly starting
                      at the floating dock

What:  A boat race.  Yep.  Boats, made by students,
racing other boats made by students. 

Why:  Summer is nearly over.  And to celebrate the
end of summer and the beginning of the school year,
we figured we should let students make some boats out of cardboard and see what happens.  All students and families are invited to come and join the fun. 

RSVP: You can RSVP for supper by clicking here: Cardboard Boat Race Supper RSVP Form

Volunteer to help: Click here to see what is needed.
Here are some additional details:

The boats and races:

Each grade is asked to make at least one boat.  Each boat needs to be able to hold at least one student.  Students must wear a life jacket. 

If any grade or any student would like to make additional boats, they are welcome to do so.

Boats must be constructed of cardboard.  Glue and duct tape can be used to hold them together.  Varnish and caulk can also be used.  Duct tape, paint, or markers can be used for decorating the boat.  Each boat is allowed to have 2 standard size pool noodles attached.  The pool noodles can be cut into pieces. 

Students can paddle with their hands or with homemade cardboard and duct tape paddles.  Regular paddles are not allowed to be used.  Homemade paddles (of cardboard and duct tape) can be no longer than 1 ft in length and 8 inches in width. 

Cardboard is available in the youth rooms.  You can also use your own cardboard.  If your family has recently purchased a refrigerator, you're in great shape! 

If you need help transporting your boat to Lake Bryan, we can take the youth trailer.  We will only take the youth trailer if needed.  If you can transport your boat in your family's vehicle, great.

Award categories are: 1) fastest boat,   2) most creative,   3) best design,    4)  most colorful,  5) anything else we want.

Some construction tips:
1) You can use multiple layers of cardboard, alternating the direction of the corrugations for more strength.
2) Score your cardboard along the line of folds for the straightest bends.
3) Seal the edges of your cardboard with caulk or duct tape to prevent water from getting in.
4) Don't make the sides of your boat too tall for the crew to be able to reach over and paddle. 
5) Look at youtube or other websites for info on how to make a cardboard boat. 

A few additional bits of info:

The entrance fee for Lake Bryan is $5 per vehicle.  Transportation is on your get to Lake Bryan the same way you get to other places you go to.  If you can not get to the lake, talk to us and we'll see what we can do to help. 

For info on Lake Bryan or how to get there (or where to go once you're there) go to

We are planning to grill burgers for everyone.  Dinner will be served at  6:15.  Donations of $3 per person will be accepted for the food.  The races will likely begin around 7:00 or shortly after. 

If you want to come early or stay late and hang out at the lake, you're more than welcome to do so.  There are plenty of places to swim.  It might be a fun night for families to get to hang out together.  Or just a fun night for your family to have some lake time before summer ends. 

Please keep safety in mind because it is a lake and not a swimming lifejackets are always encouraged.  If you want to bring floats, canoes, kayaks, etc., that's great.  There are stand-up paddleboards and kayaks available for rent at the lake.  The paddleboards and kayaks rentals are $18 per hour each and are on a self-service basis.  You can find out details or even reserve your kayak or paddleboard in advance at 

RSVP for supper by clicking here: Cardboard Boat Race Supper RSVP page on CCB

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