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if you have not RSVP'd yet, but can come, please text Monty.  We're getting the last bit of food today and will get enough for you. 
It's coming September 24.  A boat race like no other.  Because, the boats are homemade.  And the main main ingredient used to make each boat is cardboard. Yeah, it's going to be great.

A&M Youth Cardboard
Boat Race Night

It's the 3rd annual and always awesome

Here are the big details:

All 7th-12th grade students and their families.

When:  Sunday evening, September 24
                Hamburger dinner at 6:15 (tentative)
                Race begins around 7:00 (tentative)

Where:  Lake Bryan park
                 Supper will be at the Pavilion (we have it reserved)
                 The race will be in the water

What:  A boat race.  Yep.  Boats, made by students,
racing against other boats made by students. 

Why:  Because racing real boats is too easy.  And making a boat out of cardboard just makes for a good story.  To celebrate the beginning of the school year, we figured we should get students to make some boats out of cardboard and see what happens.  All students and families are invited to come and join the fun. 

RSVP: You can RSVP for supper by clicking here:       RSVP link closed. Text Monty.

Volunteer to help: Click here to see what is needed.

...well, we can't imagine how bad it would be.  Probably about as bad as losing to that school from austin in a few years when we play them again.  Yep, that would be pretty bad.  You may not be able to help when it comes to a football game, but you can help the boat race night to not be bad. 
A boat race night without boats is like...
How can you help, you say?  Make a boat.  Simple enough, right?  Yep.  Take some cardboard, go online and search for some ideas/plans or come up with your own, and make a boat or a something that can be raced.  We're counting on you.  We're cheering for you.  And we're excited to see what you come up with.

Here are some pictures from previous years:
The boats and races:
There is not a requirement for each grade to make a boat this year.  Instead we're just telling everyone to make a boat if you're willing.  Each family can make a boat.  Or each student can make a boat.  Or you can make multiple boats and then let other students race them for you.  Or hire someone to make a boat for you.  Oh, now, you wouldn't really do that would you? We didn't think so.  So start working on some plans and get after it!

Boats must be constructed of cardboard.  Glue and duct tape can be used to hold them together.  Varnish and caulk can also be used.  Duct tape, paint, or markers can be used for decorating the boat.  Each boat is allowed to have 4 standard size pool noodles attached.  The pool noodles can be cut into pieces. (but from experience last year, the pool noodles did not seem to matter at all when it came to the boats floating or sinking.)  There aren't too many rules about the boat as long as the main ingredient is cardboard.

Students can paddle with their hands or with homemade cardboard and duct tape paddles.  Regular paddles are not allowed to be used.  Homemade paddles (of cardboard and duct tape) can be no longer than 2 ft in length and 1 foot in width.  Paddles which cover the hand seem to have worked the best in previous years.

A limited amount of cardboard is available in the youth rooms.  You can also use your own cardboard.  Or look for cardboard being thrown away on bulk trash pick-up day in your neighborhood.  If your family has recently purchased a refrigerator, you're in great shape! 

If you need help transporting your boat to Lake Bryan, we might can help.  We're taking the youth trailer so we can take the grill to grill burgers.  If you can transport your boat in your family's vehicle, great.  If not, let us know and we'll try to help. 

Some construction tips:
1) You can use multiple layers of cardboard, alternating
the direction of the corrugations for more strength.
2) Score your cardboard along the line of folds for the
straightest bends.
3) Seal the edges of your cardboard with caulk or duct
tape to prevent water from getting in.
4) Don't make the sides of your boat too tall for the crew
to be able to reach over and paddle. 
5) Look at youtube or other websites for info on how to
make a cardboard boat. 
6) Make it fun.  Paint it up.  Have a theme or something funny or goofy.

A few additional bits of info:

Bring a towel.  Whether you have a boat or not, bring a towel.  A lot of students (and parents) have gotten in the water in years past, but not all of them had a towel to dry off with before they got in their car to go home.

The entrance fee for Lake Bryan is $5 per vehicle.  Transportation is on your get to Lake Bryan the same way you get to other places you go to.  If you can not get to the lake, talk to us and we'll see what we can do to help. 

For info on Lake Bryan or how to get there (or where to go once you're there) go to

We are planning to grill burgers for everyone.  Dinner will be served at  6:45.  Donations of $4 per person will be accepted for the food.  The races will likely begin around 7:30-7:45 or shortly after.  We learned last year that sunset was a pretty good time to race because other people were leaving the swim beach at that time. 

If you want to come early or stay late and hang out at the lake, you're more than welcome to do so.  There are plenty of places to swim.  It might be a fun night for families to get to hang out together.  Or just a fun night for your family to have some lake time before the hot weather goes away.

If you want to bring floats, canoes, kayaks, etc., that's great.  There are stand-up paddleboards and kayaks available for rent at the lake.  The paddleboards and kayaks rentals were $18 per hour each (at last check) and are on a self-service basis.  You can find out details or even reserve your kayak or paddleboard in advance at 

RSVP for supper by clicking here: Cardboard Boat Race Supper RSVP page on CCB

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