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There's nothing quite like summer camp. Friends, laughter, games, swimming and Bible lessons come together to create some memories that will last a lifetime. We believe summer camp is a great opportunity for students to get away from the norm and spend time together with other students having fun and learning about God.

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That's why we're excited to tell you about MEGA DAYS Bible camp will return on June 3-7, 2024. 


MEGA DAYS is specifically for students who have finished
3rd -6th grades. Each student will have a great opportunity to grow in faith and grow in love for God. It will be a great chance to make new friends and deepen current friendships.

Along with all of these things, this camp is going to be so fun! Students can expect great Bible lessons, singing, friends, swimming, games, arts and crafts, skit night, great food, and a whole lot more. There will be a lot of great activities (both indoor and outdoor) for students this year at MEGA DAYS. 

The staff will be made up of students and adults from the A&M Church of Christ family. Counselors will be carefully selected from students in high school who attend our church. We already have some parents who have volunteered to fill some of our adult staff positions such as arts and craft leaders, activity leaders, medical staff, etc. This camp is co-sponsored by the Youth Ministry and the Children's Ministry at A&M Church of Christ. The camp directors are Monty McCulley and Jenni Christian.

Registration for MEGA DAYS is now open. If you have any questions about camp, talk to Monty or Jenni anytime.  We hope your son or daughter will be able to join us!

Here are some of the details for


Who: Students who have completed 3rd-6th

When: June 3-7

Where:  Waters Edge Camp near Crockett

Cost: $265 if you sign-up by 4/21

            $285 if you sign-up by 5/12

                      (if spots are available after 5/12, cost is $300)


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Frequently Asked Questions:
1) When do we leave for camp? We will meet at 9:00am on Monday, June 3, at A&M Church of Christ.  We will take church buses and additional vehicles driven by the parents who are going to camp with us for the week.  If you would like to drive your own child to camp, you are welcome to do so.
2) Where will my child stay while at camp?  We will stay in large cabins while at camp.  These cabins are air-conditioned and have twin sized bunk beds.  Your son/daughter will be placed in a specific cabin based on their gender and grade level. 
3) What about meals?  We will be cooking our own food for the week.  Some of our moms (and maybe dads) will be cooking the meals for the week for our campers. 
4) What is a typical camp schedule?

7:00 – Wake Up

8:00 – Breakfast

8:45 – Cabin Clean-Up

9:15 – Rotation: Crafts; Bible Lessons

11:15 – Morning Praise

12:00 – Group Time

12:30 – Lunch

1:15 – Quiet Time

2:00 – Rotation: Swim/inflatables/great games

4:30 – To Cabins

5:30 – Small Groups

6:00 – Supper

6:45 – Skit Night Planning

7:15 – Games/Evening Activities

8:15 – Evening Devo

8:45 – Group Prayer Time

9:00 – To Cabins

9:45 – Lights Out

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5) When do I pick up my child from camp?  We will return to A&M Church of Christ at noon on June 7. 

6) Can friends or relatives come to MEGA DAYS with my child?  Yes, we would be glad for them to join us. 

7) My child is on daily medication.  Who will see that they receive it?  Our adult staff, and specifically our camp nurse, will make sure all students receive their prescribed medication each day.  A few days before camp begins, we will send all families a medicine check-in form.  This form can be used to help us know what medicine your son/daughter needs and when that medication is to be taken. 

8) Does my child need spending money?  No. There will not be any opportunities to buy anything during the week.  It is our experience that money sometimes gets lost or misplaced at summer camp, so we suggest not sending any money with your child. 

9) Are cell phones, tablets, or mp3 players allowed?  No, we do not allow campers to have cell phones, mp3 players, video game devices or tablets at camp.  This is a week will be a week to leave devices at home and focus on friendships and our relationship with God.  If you need to reach your child at any time during the week, you can call Monty, Heather, or Jenni's cell phone, or you can call Water's Edge Camp directly.  The reasoning behind this is that phones can often be a distraction and provide interruptions at camp.  Please understand, we want your child to tell you everything about camp when they get home.  We mean plan some time for this.  However we want them to connect with friends at camp and interact with everyone who is at camp instead of constantly calling/texting back home to family or friends.  This is the same policy we have on most all of our middle school and high school trips.  Please know you can always reach your child by calling our cell phones anytime you need. 


10)  What kinds of things are not permitted at camp?  water-balloons, shaving cream, water-guns, fireworks, stink bombs, knives (of any type) things intended to play a practical joke on someone, etc.  All of these things are prohibited at camp. 

11) What happens if my child gets sick during the week?  If your child gets sick during the week, we will contact you immediately.  If they have fever or any other kind of medical condition which requires them to return home, we will need the parent to be available to come pick them up at camp. 

12)  My child went to MEGA DAYS in 2023.  Will they have the same counselor as they did then?  Well, we don't know for sure.  Some of our counselors are returning, and some have graduated and are currently in college.  If your child's previous counselor is at MEGA DAYS this year, your child will have an opportunity to see them and interact with them multiple times each day at games, meals, and activities, but they may not be their counselor this year. 



If you still have questions, feel free to contact Jenni Christian or Monty McCulley anytime.


We hope your son/daughter can join us for MEGA DAYS 2024

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