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Paint-O-Rama is full, unless we can get some parent help.  If you want to join us (and we want you to) please help us find some parents or adults who can help at least one day during Paint-O-Rama. 

Start Your Summer By
Helping Others

It's back!  Paint-O-Rama will return once again this summer.  It will be a great week of painting, helping, encouraging, and serving people in our community.  Help us kick off summer in a great way by being a part of it.  It’s going to be AMAZING!
Paint-O-Rama is for all students who have just completed 7th-12th grades.  It's a great opportunity to serve God. Yes, you’ll sweat. Yes, the sun will be hot. Who cares? You live in Texas...what is a little heat and sun other than just another normal day? 
Painting...Friends...Joy...Serving God by helping others. That's awesome. And yes, it will be awesome. Actually, super awesome. You should come.

Here Are Some Details:

Dates: May 28 - 30

Times: 8:30am until 4:00pm

Cost: $7 per day


Transportation is provided to/from the houses from the church building.  We ask that students do not drive to/from the houses.  If students need to go directly to the houses, parents are welcome to drop off/pick up.  

You'll need a large paintbrush and a small paintbrush (like a trim brush.)  We'll give you some plastic wrap (saran wrap) to wrap your brushes with every lunch and every afternoon.  So, if you keep up with your brushes, you won't have to bring new ones every day.

If you have summer school or a doctor's appointment or some other reason why you can't be there all of the time, it's okay.  Just sign-up for the times you can come. 


Sign-Up Deadline:

Everyone should sign-up by Sunday, May 26. If you know you're going to be involved and can sign-up before then, it would be very helpful. We're trying to coordinate supplies, transportation, supervision, food, snacks, and everything else. If students sign-up late, we do not have room on the bus for them. And then they have to ride on top of the bus. And it can hurt when we go under traffic lights if they forget to duck.


Ladders - Do you have a ladder we can borrow? We need ladders. Lots of ladders. Tall, short, big, does not matter...we need them. So, if you have one we can borrow, let us know. You can bring it before Paint-O-Rama or on Tuesday morning. And please, oh please, make sure your name is on the ladder somewhere. And make sure you put your name on it.  Also, please label the ladder with your name.

Parent Help - We also need some parent help by joining us for a day (or every day) or helping coordinate a lunch.  We eat at the church building, and lunch coordination basically involves helping pick up food or heating-up food for our group.  If you are a parent and can help for one or more days, or you can help with lunch, please Click here


Paint-O-Rama is not for lazy people. If you are coming, plan on working.  You know, the kind of working where you keep going until the job is done.  The kind where you don't have to be told over and over to get back to work.  That kind of stuff.  It's also not for kangaroos. If you are a kangaroo, please do not sign-up.

Click this link to sign-up:   Paint-O-Rama Sign-up Page

So, here is how this whole thing works:

We'll meet at the church building each morning and take the bus to the houses.  We'll work for the morning and then come back to the church building for lunch.  When lunch is done, we'll head back to the houses and then return to the building by 4:00pm. 


You may be sitting there, reading this website, and thinking, "Wow, this sounds so amazing, but I have so many questions." Well, we're here to help. We've collected some of our most frequently asked questions. Hope these will help you know more about Paint-O-Rama:

Okay, so this is probably one of those things where there are a lot of adults around who actually do the painting and the students are there just to hold ladders and such, right?  Nope.  That's not how this works.  Students do the painting.  The adults who are with us don't actually do much painting at all.  They are there to help and to guide and, obviously, to tell jokes to keep everyone entertained.  So, yeah, when we say that students can paint a house, we're not just saying that.  It's true.


In fact, our students have done such a good job in the past that one of the main Habitat for Humanity BCS guys told us (when we were working out details about houses for this year (2024)) that he trusts our group to do a good job over the other groups who paint each year.  Now listen, that may seem like a little compliment to you, but most other groups are church groups and adult and college groups.  It's great that our students have done such a good job in the past and our group has a great reputation with the Habitat folks. 


What if I've never painted before? No worries. We'll show you how.

What do I need to bring?  paintbrushes (with your name on them), sunscreen, water bottle, tennis shoes (not your best shoes), maybe a hat and/or sunglasses.

The houses probably look bad because teens are the ones painting, right? Okay, I'm sensing that you have never seen how awesome our teens are.  It is absolutely incredible to think that teens can paint a house and paint it well.  And we expect the work to be done well.  So, no sloppiness or laziness or dripping paint everywhere.  And sorry, if you're intentionally doing a bad job or not taking care in the work you do, we'll ask your parents to come pick you up.  Don't worry, that hasn't happened in quite a few years.  We want the house(s) to look great when we are done. 

Do we just paint and leave? No, we'll prep the house as needed before we paint. We'll also finish the job right and make sure everything is done well before we leave. 

Houses are tall. I'm not. How do we paint up high? Ladders. (And we could use some ladders. If your family has a ladder we can borrow, please let us know on the sign-up page.)

What does the $7 per day cover?  Food, snacks, some supplies, and some of the paint.

I heard one year it was called Paint-O-Llama and you tried to go to a zoo and paint a llama. Did that happen? No, it's just a rumor.

I can paint a house. Can I paint people too? No, people painting is not okay at Paint-O-Rama. (This is our nice way of saying, if you're coming to Paint-O-Rama, plan on working and not goofing off. You goof off, you go home. We don't want that. Don't goof off.)

I'd like to sign-up for Paint-O-Rama, but l don’t really want to work. What should I do? Well, you probably should not come. I mean, it's not because we don't like you.  We do.  But it's not helpful to have people who just want to sit around.  If you come and do not work, we will very kindly ask you to leave and you'll have to be picked up by your parents. But if you're willing to work, then, by all means, join us!

Why is Peter Pan always flying?  Because he Neverlands. (I love this joke because it never grows old.)

Can you tell us the summer theme for 2017? Yep. Seven.

What about the summer theme for 2018? Next.

And for 2019? HE>i.


2021? This is your life.  Make it count.

2022?  More.  More faith, more love, more like Jesus.

2023?  Take the High Road (Matthew 7:13-14)

2024? Nope, we're not telling yet.  You gotta come to summer kickoff to find out.

What if I can't come to Paint-O-Rama all three days? Well, we definitely want you to come all three days...and we hope you can stay all day for each of those days. But if you can't, it's okay. Just come as much as you can. Simply let us know when you plan to come when you sign-up.

I'm allergic to carrots. Can I still come? Yes, we are not planning to serve carrots (except maybe as a side dish...but we'll have other sides as well and you can choose one of those.)  But since you brought up the whole allergic to carrots thing, if you do have any food allergies, please let us know.

Can I get that sign-up link one more time? Well yes, yes we can. Here it is:

Paint-O-Rama Sign-up Page

temp gospel.jpg
Paint-O-Rama 2024 House 1
Paint-O-Rama 2024 House 2
Paint-O-Rama 2024 House 3
Paint-O-Rama 2023 House 1
Paint-O-Rama 2023 House 2
Paint-O-Rama 2023 House 3
The pictures below are from previous years.  Every year we have painted multiple houses, except for 2017 when we helped with the reconstruction of the Family Promise building.   The pictures below are from some of the houses. 
Paint-O-Rama 2019
Paint-O-Rama 2018
Paint-O-Rama 2017

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