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The sign-up deadline has passed, but some spots may still be available.  The cost will be $465 instead of $435.  Contact Monty in the church office to see if we still have spots.  We will do our best to make room for everyone who wants to go.  

Summer 2021 is going to be great.  One of the things we are most excited about is that our high school group will be going to Trek. Trek is a great week of spiritual growth and spiritual focus in the mountains of Colorado. This webpage contains everything you need to know about Trek. You can sign-up by using the link at the bottom of this page.

Here are some of the big details about Trek:

Dates: July 9-17

Who: Students currently in 9th-12th grade

Sign-up Deadline: April 28

Cost: $435 ($465 after April 28, if spots available)



Okay, now that you’ve read the big details, it's time to really find out all the info about Trek. And, well, there's a lot to know. So look at all the info below. And then talk to your parents and see if you can go. If they say yes, then sign-up using the form at the bottom of this page. And then we'll go. And it will be awesome.

What is Trek? Trek is a 6-day wilderness backpacking experience in the mountains of southern Colorado. We'll spend time hiking, camping, rappelling, backpacking, in devotionals, in Bible study, cooking and being in the backcountry. Trek is led by trained guides who will lead us to different campsites, and we'll have an attempt to climb to the summit of a 13,000 or 14,000 foot mountain. The overall goal of Trek is to learn more about our Heavenly Father and strengthen our relationship with Him.

Who? Where? When? Trek is for all current HS students. The base camp for Trek is in Salida, Colorado. The current plan is to leave B/CS on July 9 and return on July 17.

Do I need to be in shape for Trek? Short answer: yes. Long answer: y -y - e - e - e -s - s - s. Okay, really, it's not like you need to be able to run a marathon, but you do need to be in shape. Good shape. We'll be hiking at altitudes between 10,000 and 13,000 feet with a backpack on our backs. It is suggested that your fitness level should allow you to walk/run 2 miles in 20 minutes at a minimum. Make no doubt, Trek is awesome, but If you spend all spring and summer lying on the couch watching tv and eating cookies, you will have a hard time at Trek. We will exercise together some, but you will have to exercise on your own as well.


Do I need a tent, backpack, and such? No, a lot of the things you need for Trek are furnished for you. Things such as tents, backpacks, stoves, cooking utensils, etc., are provided. Many of the things you'll need are things you already have. (like pants, shirts, socks, gloves, sweatshirt, etc.) The following is a list of suggested items you might not already have: heavyweight socks, hiking boots (not required...many people use tennis shoes), jacket or parka with hood, poncho or rain suit, and 2 one-quart water bottles.

Are there TV's at the campsites? No, sorry.

Is there Wi-Fi? No.

Are there radios? No. Seriously, are you really asking these questions? It’s camping. It's getting away from everything. And in getting away from everything, we are able to focus on our relationship with God and see Him in ways that we sometimes do not see Him. It's incredible. Having no radios is one of the best things about Trek.

Phones and electronics. As with all of our trips, electronics such as tablets, laptops, video gaming devices, etc., are not allowed on this trip. If you want to bring your phone, you can turn it in when we leave, and it will be passed out 1-2 times before/after we go on the mountain. Except for those times when we pass out phones to call your parents, Trek will be a non-phone trip.

What if I can't go this year? Can I go in two years when we go again? Great question. And... the answer is: maybe. But maybe not. If you would like to go to Trek during HS, this may be the only year we go. We simply don't know if or when we will go again. In previous years we were in a pattern of going to Trek every two years.  As with all youth ministry things we do, we constantly re-evaluate to make sure we are doing the best things we can do for our group. We may go to Trek again in the future...or we may not. So... if you are currently in high school and want to go to Trek before you graduate, consider going this year.

Can we all climb the same mountain? No, by US Forest Service law, groups are limited to 20 people or less.  Because of this we will split up into 2 groups at Trek...therefore climbing 2 different mountains. You will be put in a group with some of your good friends and with some people who are not your good friends yet.

Can we climb the cross-tower for practice? No.

Can adults go on Trek? Yes, but we are very limited in how many adults we can take. Unlike Winterfest or retreats, we can not take everyone who would like to go. We wish we could. Talk to Monty or Heather if you are interested.


Service Hours: Each student who goes on Trek will be required to complete 10 service hours between January 1 and July 9. These can be on your own, or you can get them from doing service projects with our youth ministry.

Pre-Trek Bible Study: Each student who goes on Trek Will be required to complete a pre-Trek Bible study.

Bible Memorization: There will be some verses we will learn on Wednesday nights and Sunday nights which each student who goes to Trek will need to memorize. This will be similar to previous years when we have learned 4-6 verses.

Coming to Church: We would like for everyone who is a part of our church family and who is going to Trek to be involved in classes and worship during the spring and summer as much as possible. It's going to be really hard to be connected and involved with everyone at Trek if you don't want to be involved and connected to everyone while we are in town. It will not be beneficial to you to or others in the group if you miss classes most weeks this spring and summer. (And we would love for guests to come and get connected to our group before Trek, but this is not a requirement for guests.)


Cost: Your registration fee covers lodging, equipment rental (backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cooking gear, etc.) wilderness guides, campground use before/after our time on the mountain, journal, t-shirt, and wilderness permits from the US Forest Service. We Will also have some meal expenses (7-8 fast food meals) while traveling. This meal money is not needed until we leave. (and we try to do these 7-8 "traveling meals" very economically. We'll make sandwiches or do other things we can to save everyone from having to buy a fast-food meal for each of these meals,)

A few words about the cost: First, we work hard to keep costs low. We stay in churches instead of hotels. We buy some food before we leave so that it costs less than meals or. the road. Our church takes care of all transportation costs (which is a really large amount) and some food costs as well.  Also, our outfitter works to keep their costs low. Many other wilderness outfitters charge hundreds more for a similar outfitting and guide service. Unlike many other outfitters, however, the emphasis of Trek is on the Lord. The week will have a Biblical theme and each day will have a different spiritual focus. We say this to let you know that the costs could be much higher, and we believe Trek makes a big effort to keep costs down. 

We realize the cost of Trek might be high for some families. If any parents are willing to help with some fund-raising opportunities, that would be great. We would love for some parents to say they will coordinate a garage sale or a coffee bar at church or something similar. Two years ago we did a coffee bar for two Sundays and some students were able to lower the cost of their trip by $125-150. A garage sale could raise even more. We know of some churches who raise enough money to substantially lower the price. We would like to do this. We just can't pull off a garage sale without parent/student help. (If a scholarship would be needed, let Monty know as soon as possible. We can work toward finding it once we know the need.) Also, if you need some extra time to pay the deposit, let Monty know. We'll work with you in every way possible.

Since these costs can add up quickly, we suggest talking to your parents about coming up with a plan of how you can pay for this trip. Extra jobs, Christmas or Birthday money, cutting down on money you already spend to eat out of go to the movies, etc., are ways you can come up with some extra money.


Sign-up details: The sign-up deadline is April 28.  If we run out of spots for Trek, students will be able to attend based on when they signed up.  If we pass the number of spots available, we will start a wait-list.  (So, if you know you are going to Trek, it would be good to sign-up soon.)  If we have additional spots available after April 28, students can sign-up at a higher cost...but there may not be any spots available. To sign-up follow the link below and turn in your $100 deposit. The remaining $325 will be due by July 1.

Two things to keep in mind: 1) Trek does not give refunds, so any money we pay to them stays with them even if you need to back out. 2) On April 30, we have to make our final group payment to Trek. Having said that, if you back out after April 30, the church loses all $425 we pay for your son/daughter. If there is a chance you may need to back-out, let us know ahead of time. It will cost you $45 more, but you can pay late and still be with our group (assuming there are still spots available.)

After you sign-up: We will send you a "Trek Participant Handbook". This handbook will contain details about Trek, a doctor's release form (which must be completed), a liability release form for your parents to sign, a packing list and other information. We will include details about your service hours Bible memorization and pre-Trek Bible study as well.

Also after you sign-up: Don't be surprised if you have a feeling of utter joy and excitement. Trek is amazing, and it's okay to feel excited or exuberant after you sign up.

A word about covid - we do not know what the covid situation will look like in July.  If covid continues to be a factor during July, we may require all students who are going to Trek to have a negative result on a rapid test which we will provide before they go on Trek.  Our goal is to keep all students as safe as possible.  As with all things related to covid, there are a lot of uncertainties and a lot of strong opinions.  Please know that we will make the best decisions we can for the group, and we will consult our medical professionals within our church for advice when it is needed.

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