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High School Retreat Packing List and Travel Info


We're so glad you can come to come to the high school retreat this year!  It's going to be a great weekend.


This page has travel info details about the weekend and a packing list.  If you have any questions after reading all of this info please let us know.


1) Lake Tomahawk Medical Releases:


The camp requires a medical release for all retreat participants.

We will have blank copies on Wednesday night or Friday night.

You can also download and print the releases here:         

      Lake Tomahawk Student Medical Release

      Lake Tomahawk Adult Medical Release

You can turn this form in on Wednesday or Friday night.  You do not have to

answer every question.  Just answer what you want.  And make sure all of

the signature blanks are signed.   

2) Info about our travel plans:


Meet to depart:  We will be meeting on Friday, November 3 at 7:00pm.   We will

leave shortly after this.  When you arrive at the church building, you can put

your stuff in the trailer and then come inside the building to check in.  When

you check in we will have a phone box for all cell phones. 


What about supper?  Make sure you eat before you come.  We will not be

stopping for supper.


Where are we going once we get in the bus?  The retreat is at Lake
Tomahawk near Woodlake, Texas.  Woodlake is not too far* from Livingston, which is not too far* from Huntsville, which is really not too far* from College Station. 

(*not to far is in the previous sentence is considered as something between 10 and 75 miles.  Oh, and the exact mileage from our church building to the camp is 114 miles.) 


Transportation:  We'll be taking our youth bus. 


Return: We will return on Sunday, November 5, at around 12:30pm.  We will not be eating lunch before we return.  We will update via email once we are on the road and know a good estimate of our exact time.


Keeping up with us:  We will send an email to all parents once we arrive at the camp.  We will also send an email to all parents, if we are running early or late on Sunday morning.  Technically, we will not be running.  We'll actually be riding.  Running early or late is just a figure of speech.  Kind of like "you're in a pickle."  No one is actually in a pickle.  And it would be funny if they were.  But they would probably stink for a while because pickle juice is really stinky.  Okay, enough about figures of speech.  Now back to the point of this paragraph which is to talk about keeping up with our group. 

Registration Payment: If you have not already made the $65 registration payment, you can put it in the youth box anytime or bring it Friday night when we depart for the retreat.





3) Packing List:


What to bring:

-Bible...a real one...we will not be using our phones at this retreat


-Flashlight (you will need this)

-Halloween costume or some kind of dress up clothes.  If you have a

Halloween costume this year, you can wear it.  If you do not have

a Halloween costume this year, any other out-of-the ordinary clothes

are great.  There will be a specific time for this at the retreat.

-Clothes for Saturday and Sunday

-Jacket or other warm clothes (we will be outside some)

-Clothes to sleep in / pajamas

-Tennis shoes

-Bedding for a twin bed or sleeping bag

-Towel and maybe a washcloth

-Toiletries (hair stuff, teeth stuff, etc.)

-Shower shoes or flip flops for shower (optional)

-Camera (optional)

-Snacks (optional)

-Water bottle (optional - but a really good idea)

The trip to Lake Tomahawk will be about 2 hours.  If you want to bring cards, games, books, homework, or other things to do on the way you are welcome to do so.

Things Not to Bring:

-A bad attitude

-Electronics such as: video gaming devices, iPads, laptops, etc.

-Earbuds or anything that goes in or around your ear and plays music 

-2nd cell phone to use after you put a cell phone in the phone box


-Anything intended to be used to play a joke on someone

-Anything you know you shouldn’t have

-Anything illegal

-Weapons or knives of any kind

-Anything with the word ketchup in or on it

-Chewed gum

-Cereal made between 1904 and 1923

-Dental floss with lead or radium in it


4) Final Things:


A Note about phones:

This is a non-cell phone trip.  As always, we are not trying to keep anyone from their digital best friend or keep you from being able to communicate with your parents.  Instead, we are trying to take a break from the distractions that phones so often bring.  You can either leave your phone at home or turn it in to the phone box when we leave.  If you need it to talk to parents at any time, you are welcome to do so.  We will be glad to get your phone out of the box for you so you can use it.  Just ask.   If your parents need to contact you during the weekend, it would be best for them to call or text Monty or Heather.  Or they can call the camp at 936-563-4644.  And again, we'll let you use our phones or get your phone out of the phone box, if you need to talk to them.  

A Note about the registration fee:

The registration fee for this retreat is $65.  If you have not paid this yet, you can turn it in to the youth box anytime.  The $65 covers around half of the cost of this retreat per person.  If you need to back out, please let us know as soon as possible so we can get as much money back as we can.  If a student can't come but does not let us know, we still have to pay the entire fee to the camp as well as supplies, food, t-shirt and books. 

Sat Morning Group

Meeting at 8:00am on Saturday morning at the church building.  John, Corbin, Jack C.  Everyone else is coming on Friday night.  Let us know if this is not correct.  


If you have any questions about anything, let us know.


Again, so glad you can join us at the High School Retreat this year.  

Get ready for a great weekend!

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