The sign-up deadline has passed.  But if you would like to go and have not signed up, talk to Monty or Heather.  We can probably get you in.
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It only happens once a year.

(Except when there is a pandemic...then it only happens once every two years, ha.)

Come be a part of this year's high school retreat weekend.


We invite you to join us for this retreat as we hang out, have fun, grow in faith, spend time in God's word, worship, eat, learn, spend time with friends (old or new) and play. Come deepen your relationship with Jesus. Come grow your friendship with other students. It's going to be a great weekend. Come. (or for those who prefer pig latin: ome-cay.)

Here are the details:

When: November 5-7

Where: Lake Tomahawk Camp

Sign-up Deadline: Sunday, Oct 24

Cost: $60


If you're looking for more info about the retreat, well, here you go:


Dates & Times: November 5-7.  We’ll meet at 7:00pm on 11/5 and return around noon on 11/7.  Eat supper before you come.  We will not eat lunch before we return. 


Cost $60.  This covers all of your food, lodging, transportation, supplies, three gummy worms, 1/2 package of fun dip, autographed picture of Johnny Manziel (they're really cheap now), an altoid can, an old shoelace, and a huge amount of awesome.


Do not miss this trip for financial reasons. There are scholarships available if needed. Talk to Monty or Heather for more info.


How we getting there?  Our bus.

What if I have a football/basketball/foosball game I have to be at on Friday night?  (first of all, we're sorry that games conflict with the first night of this retreat. Also, sorry you're stuck playing foosball when there are so many other great games out there.  Maybe sign up for kickball next season.)  Okay, here's the real answer: if there are enough students who would like to ride together, a parent who can drive, and a van/bus we have access to, we will try to help provide transportation for a group on Saturday morning.  We do not know how many students would come on Saturday - we do not know if there is a vehicle available - and we do not know if there is someone who is willing to drive - but if enough people need this, we'll try to make it work.  If there are not enough students to justify a van, then each family will be their own to get their son/daughter to Lake Tomahawk.

If I sign up but can't go, what do I do? Let us know as soon as possible (money you pay in for the retreat is non refundable after Oct 31.)  If you no-show or back out within a few days of the retreat it costs the church the full amount for your retreat spot (which is around $100 total) so  please let us know as soon as possible if you end up not being able to go.


Here are some additional questions you might (or might not) be thinking:

Can I bring a phone or a battery powered life jacket? Nope.  By definition a retreat means to get away from routines and distractions for a few days. Because of this we're asking students to leave electronics at home - this includes phones, music devices, earbuds, video gaming devices, electronic tablets, etc.  Oh and don't bring a battery powered life jacket either.  Who even has one of those? That would be stupid. Batteries do not float. Neither do battery operated life jackets. So see this conversation is completely pointless and we're going to end it right now.


Can I bring friends? Of course


What do you do if you see an endangered animal eating endangered plant? Not sure


How do I sign up? Click the link below. It will take you to the sign-up page in CCB.


If I sign up for the retreat but I miss the bus, can I fly my personal airplane to the retreat? No, sorry unless you have a plane that can land on the water, we are sad to say you cannot fly a plane to the retreat. There are no runways in the area, however, let's talk about why you have a plane and you have never told us.  Don't you think it would be cool for a youth group to have access to an airplane? We could take turns flying it around and going to really cool places and doing really cool things. And you've been keeping this info all to yourself? Shame on you.

What happens after I sign up? Well first you can sit back and relax because you've signed up for an amazing weekend. Then you can get a little more excited each day because the retreat is coming. When you submit your sign-up form, you'll receive a link to a medical release for the camp.  It can be turned in to the youth box at any time.  As the retreat draws near (that's a fancy way of saying a few days before the retreat) will send you an email with a packing list and final details.


What do I do if I still have questions? Talk to Monty or Heather. Texting and email will work too

It's going to be a great weekend we hope you can join us!



***Click here to go to the sign up page***