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All parents and students are invited to join us for a great evening of football - powder puff style.  The girls will hit the field for a night of incredible football action.  The guys will cheer them on.  A special half-time exhibition by the guys will inspire us all to greatness.  Some games in between each quarter of football will inspire you to be more than you ever dreamed possible. 

It's Team 'Merica vs. Mr. Clean

Team 'Merica is 7th, 10th, and 12th grades - wearing red, white, and blue

Mr. Clean is 8th, 9th, and 11th grades - wearing white  (guys can also bring brooms, mops, cleaning things, or toilet brushes (no only!) if they want)

Our guys will have a halftime performance for everyone's entertainment.  And our guys will cheer on the girls during the game.  All guys are encouraged to wear the team colors of their team.  This is not intended to be a "guys dress like a girl" type of event, but there are usually some guys who let their non-masculine side show, and as long as it's okay with your family, it is fine.  But we will say, if your clothing is a little crazy or you happen to have some face-paint or crazy hair, that would be fun. 

Parents need lawn chairs!

Halftime performance instructions were distributed this past Wednesday night at Midweek.  We'll share them again on Sunday morning and then at 5:00pm at practices. 

Here is the timeline for the night:

5:00pm - practices for all guys and girls

6:00pm - Breakthrough (optional)

7:00pm - Pregame activities on the field

7:15pm - approximate time of kickoff

at or before 8:00pm - finished

We have a lot of pics of Powder Puff through the years.  Some are on our smugmug account and some are not.  But here is one we found from 2018:
Powder Puff 2018
Notes from 2022:
Football field was around 25 steps wide and 40 steps long.
portable bluetooth speaker was okay, but we needed more volume
2 cans of white field marking paint
need someone to keep score
Need a microphone so I can announce things, introduce teams, (maybe have a student introduce their team - maybe even by name) and to explain the rules
Need to explain rules to parents before the game begins (8 downs to score, 8 minutes per quarter, etc.)
Need to protect the new interns from students giving too many opinions or arguing. 
talk to mowing crew well in advance to make sure the field is mowed
games between quarters - have those lined up and maybe even know the participants in advance.  What games could involve all guys?  We did dizzy bat race and hula hoop race this year. 
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