Paint-O-Rama 2022
Wow, Paint-O-Rama is here! We're so excited. Hope you are too.

Here are some things you need to know about Paint-O-Rama:

  1.  Paint-o-Rama begins Tuesday at 8:30 am. We will meet in the Great Hall. Each day will begin at 8:30.

  2.  We will come back to the building shortly after noon for lunch. Lunch will be approximately 12:15 until 12:45 each day.

  3.  We will return to the building by 4:30. (We plan to have the same schedule for all three days. If we finish early, we will let everyone know via email, and we will have your son/daughter get in touch with you.

  4. Students are asked to not bring vehicles to the Paint-O-Rama work site.

  5. If students can, please bring:

  • a paintbrush (it doesn't matter what size brush you bring. ..just bring whatever you'd like to paint with.)

  • a container to hold paint in. Something like a coffee can, large butter container, large yogurt container, or plastic food storage container would work.

**Please note: If students do not keep up with their paintbrushes, they will probably not get them back. If they keep up with it, they'll get it back. We will not be keeping up with your brush for them.. .but if they keep up with it, then it won't get lost in the mix of the mass of dried, ruined brushes we have every year. Parents - we continually try to remind students to keep up with their brush, yet every year parents ask us why they don't get their child's brush back. Students are responsible for their own brushes. It's helpful for their name to be on it so we will know whose brush is whose if we find out laying around.

   6. Students will need:

  • Sunscreen

  • Water bottle

  • $3 per day to help us with lunch. Students can turn their money in to the intems when they arrive at the building each day. If a student does not have money for this, please come anyway. We will cover them.

  • a willingness to work. If you are going to sit around or sneak around and not work, it's best not to come.Please do not wear sandals or open toed shoes.

   7.  If you have a ladder that we can use (and you have not already let us know via the Paint-O-Rama sign-up form) please bring it Tuesday morning. The youth trailer will be hooked up to the small youth bus. Ladders can go in the trailer. Please, oh please make sure it is marked with your name.

Thanks to everyone for signing up to join us. We have a great group of students and I am excited about the work we will be able to do to God's glory.

Get excited! It's going to be a great week!

We know, you're afraid to admit it.

been sitting around thinking to yourself, "What am I going to do once school is out?" Well, here's your answer Paint-O-Rama. It’s a great way to start summer. Yeah, your worries are gone.

Here are some details:

The Scoop: Starting May 28, a youth ministry...are going to be painting some houses in our community. It's a great way to serve God by serving others. we're panting the houses simply because we love Jesus and want to serve others just like He calls us to.

The People and Times: Paint-O-Rama is for students currently in grades 7-12. It will happen from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm each day. Drop-off and pick-up will happen at church. Transportation to and from the house will be provided. We ask that students do not bring a car to the Paint-O-Rama house.

One important note about Paint-O-Rama: In some previous years it has been difficult for us to pull off Paint-O-Rama because of not having enough parent help. In the last few years we have had plenty of parent thanks to all of the parents who have helped. We would love to involve every student who wants to be a part of Paint-O-Rama, but we can't do this without some parent help. So...the number of students who can participate will be limited to 25 unless we have some parents who can help us out. If you are a parent and can help, click on the tab that says "Parents" at the top of this page.

The Things You'll Need: A paintbrush for each day (or the same one, as long as you'll keep up with it and keep it clean; put your name on it), sunscreen, sunglasses, tennis shoes (not your best shoes )

***there was some stuff cut off between here

this is my best guess on some words I could only see part of:

(optional, but recommended) and a hat (optional)

We will have 5-gallon water jugs at the house for you to refill your water bottle or to fill a cup. Lunch will also be provided each day, so no need to worry about food.

The Cost: $3 per day. This helps cover part of your food, supplies, snacks, equipment, etc., costs. You can pay each day you come, or you can put your money in the youth box anytime. One word of caution, we sometimes finish

Paint-O-Rama before the third day. So it might be best to not pay for Thursday until we are sure that Paint-O-Rama will happen on Thursday. (We are not using credit/debit for Paint-O-Rama because the service fees are too high...please use cash or check.)

Last time I brought a paintbrush and didn't get it back. Don't you like me? Yes, we like you. But it could possibly be true that you are not very good at keeping up with your paintbrush. We will again remind everyone at Paint-O-Rama to keep up with their brush if they want it back. Take care of it. Don't just leave it sitting around when you're done with it as most people would do. You might even want to put your name on it.

Can teens really paint a house? Most people would say no. They're wrong. We can paint a house and do a great job.