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Here are some things you need to know about Paint-O-Rama:

  1.  Paint-o-Rama begins Tuesday at 8:30 am. We will meet in the Great Hall. Each day will begin at 8:30.

  2.  We will come back to the building shortly after noon for lunch. Lunch will be approximately 12:15
    until 12:45 each day.

  3.  We will return to the building by 4:00. (We plan to have the same schedule for all three days. If we
    finish early, we will let everyone know via email, and we will have your son/daughter get in touch with you.)

  4. If there is rain and we have schedule changes, we will send email updates to parents via email. 

  5. Students are asked to not bring vehicles to the Paint-O-Rama work site.  If you need to drop them off or pick them up, that's fine.  (The addresses for the houses we are working at are 1007 Henderson Street, 855 Denise and 856 Denise, all in Bryan, 77803.)

  6. Students will need:
         - a water bottle 
         - sunscreen (or put it on before you come)
         - a large paintbrush and a small paintbrush* (labeled with your name)
          - a container to hold paint in**
         - a willingness to work
         - closed toed shoes, or "chaco" like sandals which hold the front and back of the foot

  7. If you have a ladder that we can use (and you have not already let us know via the Paint-O-Rama sign-up form) please bring it Tuesday morning. Ladders can go in the youth trailer.  Please, oh please make sure it is marked with your name.

  8. Paint Wars (games at the church building...on an evening during which all of the games involve paint) will happen on Thursday, June 1. Usually Paint Wars happen at the end of summer, but this year we are doing it at the beginning.  So, for everyone who wants to come to Paint-O-Rama and paint other students...well, you will hopefully really like the fact paint wars changed to the beginning of summer. 
    It will be at 7:30pm on Thursday.  (ending around 8:45 or so) 
    You'll need clothes which can get paint on them...possibly staining or sandals or something else for you feet which can get paint on them...a towel...maybe a trashbag to sit on in your car when you ride home...and if you want to play the last game, you'll need some goggles or some kind of eye protection.  

Thanks to everyone for signing up to join us at Paint-O-Rama. We have a great group of students and we are excited about the work we will be able to do to God's glory.  (a list of students can be found below to help you know who is signed up.)

Get excited! It's going to be a great week!

*The big one can be a 3 or 4 inch brush.  The small one can be a 1 or 1.5 inch brush.  You can buy fancy brushes if you want, but you can save money by buying an economy brush.  You can even get one from the dollar store, if you can find one there. (they usually have them)   Oh, and write your name on your brush and keep up with it so you don't have to bring a new one every day. 


**Something like a coffee can, large butter container, large yogurt container, or plastic food storage container would work.  It will probably be trashed at the end of the week.

Paint-O-Rama 2023
Wow, Paint-O-Rama is almost here! We're so excited. Hope you are too.
Glad you can join us.  Glad you can be a part. 

Students who are signed up:

Gwyneth A

Henry A

Virginia A

Baileigh B

Brogan B

Kambrie B

Luke B

Molly B

Hannah C

Isabel D

James D

Jadyn D

Ava E

Karis F

Ali G

Elizabeth G

Jaden G

Katy G

Travis G

Macie H

Jack H

Meccea H

Peyton H

Emelyn H

Reagan H

Allen J

Emily J

Katherine K

Levi K

Cal L

David L

Grant L

Ashlyn M

Seth M

Reese M

Josiah  O

Andrew P

Derek R

Karson R

Eli R

Oleksii S

Sterling T

Aaron W

Alli W

Emma W

Evelyn  W

Lucas Y

Summer 2022
Paint Wars 2023
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