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High School Week Packing List and Travel Info


We're so glad you can come to come to High School Week!  This is going to be a memorable and impactful week.  High School Week will be a very Christ-focused week.  We ask you to begin preparing your heart for the things God will show you on this trip. Pray about the trip.  Pray for all of our hearts to be open to the Lord.  Pray that God's Spirit will work powerfully throughout the week.


This page has travel info details about the weekend and a packing list.  If you have any questions after reading all of this info please let us know.

Before this trip begins, we want to make sure everyone understands we have very high expectations for all students in our group.  Your behavior...your willingness to follow the guidelines for the week...the way you treat other people...the words you say to or about other people...your actions...your words...we want and expect everyone to hold themselves to a high standard.  (You can read more about this at the bottom of this webpage by the asterisk.) 


We'll ask you to save romantic interests and relationships for another time.  And we'll ask you to step outside of any cliques to be a friend to everyone.  On this trip you'll be invited to a deeper relationship with the Lord.  You'll be encouraged to have more: more faith, more love, and be more like Jesus. 

Also, if your plans have changed and you can not join us for High School Week, please let us know as soon as you can.  If you drop out at the last minute or if you don't show up, it costs us money and likely keeps someone else from being able to go.

***Very important:

We will be at Sky Ranch for part of the time, and they require a signed waiver for each

student and adult.  The waivers are online, and you can see it and complete it by

clicking here:            Sky Ranch Participant Digital Agreement Form

***Also Important:

Follow this link to answer a few questions:   High School Week Pre-Trip Questions




Info about our travel plans:


Meet to depart:  We will meet on Sunday, June 19, at 1:30pm.  We will leave shortly

after this.  When you arrive at the church building, you can put your stuff in the trailer

and then come inside the building to check in.  When you check in, we will collect all

medical releases , and we will have a phone box for all cell phones. 


What about lunch?  Make sure you eat before you come. 

Where are we going once we get in the bus?  North.

Transportation:  We'll be taking our big bus and trailer.  And be ready to sit by people.  The bus is full for this trip. 


Return: We will return on Friday, June 24, possibly around 7:00pm. 


How will you know where we are going next?  We will tell you each day where we'll be going that day. 


How will your parents know where we are going next?  We will email parents throughout the trip with updates about where we are and where we are going.  At any time parents need to reach us or find out more info, they can call Monty or Heather's cell phone, or text them.   


Registration Payment: If you have not already made the $200 or $250 (depending on when you signed up) registration payment, or if you have not paid the balance of the registration payment after making the deposit, you can put it in the youth box anytime.  We will email everyone who still has a remaining balance in the coming days.


Packing List:

-Clothes for Sunday through Friday.  Shorts and t-shirt type clothing is great for this trip.  (forecast calls for around 95 each day and 72 each night...and little to no chance of rain...if the forecast changes, we will let you know.)

-Clothes to sleep in / pajamas

-Clothing for "Geriatrics Night."  This is any kind of clothing or make-up an older person might wear.  This is not to make fun of older people.  It's just to celebrate the older generation and help everyone know how you might dress once you're old.  : )  This will be a contest and we will have prizes.

-Swimsuit or clothes to wear while swimming.  Swimsuits for guys and girls need to be modest. 

-Clothing which can be worn outside for a day involving water...this can be a swimsuit, or swimsuit and tshirt and shorts, or a swimshirt and swimsuit or anything like that.  (You'll need the water shoes / sandals /shoes that can get wet for this as well.)



-Athletic clothing for two days

-Tennis shoes, shower shoes, and water-shoes / sandals / shoes which can get wet.

-Bedding - be prepared for two kinds of places to sleep:

        1) While we are at Sky Ranch, we'll have twin beds. 

        2) When we are not at Sky Ranch, we'll be in places like classrooms of a church bring a sleeping
             mattress or cot if you want to.  Or just sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag. 

-2 Towels: one for showers and one for swimming (actually it's for after both of these things, but you get the point) 

-Toiletries (hair stuff, teeth stuff, deodorant (please!), soap, shampoo, etc.)




-Backpack - to be used when we need to shower at a YMCA or Rec-Center type place. So, something that can hold a towel and change of clothes.

-Bug spray (or you can borrow - don't go buy this if you don't have any)

-Flashlight (not a must, but you might want to have it at night in the cabin or the other places we will stay.)

-Summer youth group t-shirt with "more" on the front (optional)  You can get this from the youth room for $7 anytime.

-Blanket for the bus (optional - only in case you get cold with the really good bus a/c)

-Shower shoes or flip flops for shower (optional)

-Camera (optional)

-Snacks (optional)

-Watch (optional)

-Life-jacket (optional - the camp requires everyone to wear life-jackets when swimming or boating.  If you have your own life-jacket and want to bring it instead of using one of the camp's, you can.) 

-disc(s) for disc golf (optional)

-And hey - don't forget that medical release thing for Sky Ranch. (Link is at the top of this webpage)  You can't stay overnight without it.

If you want to bring cards, games, books, DVD's to share, or other things to do on the bus,

you are welcome to do so.  If you bring a DVD movie to watch, it needs to be squeaky clean. 


Things Not to Bring:

-Earbuds of any kind - or anything that goes in or around your ear and plays music.

-Electronics such as: video gaming devices, iPads, laptops, etc.

-Earbuds or anything that goes in or around your ear and plays music 

-2nd cell phone to use after you put a cell phone in the phone box


-Anything intended to be used to play a joke on someone

-Anything you know you shouldn’t have

-Anything illegal

-Weapons or knives of any kind




A Note about phones:

As always, we are not trying to keep anyone from their digital best friend or keep you from being able to communicate with your parents.  Instead, we are trying to take a break from the distractions that phones so often bring.  So get ready to not have those funny little cat videos for a little while...and tell your friends you'll talk to them in a few days.

You can either leave your phone at home or turn it in to the phone box when we leave.  If you need it to talk to parents at any time, you are welcome to do so.  If your parents need to contact you during the weekend, it would be best for them to call or text Monty or Heather.  We'll let you use our phones or get your phone out of the phone box, if you need to talk to them.  

What about other money?

Well, you technically do not need any additional money for this trip, however, if you would like some for gas-station stops (don't worry, the snacks and drinks do not cost as much as the gas) or for souvenirs or various other things, you can bring some.  We will make maybe 4 gas station stops...there are shirts and other things available at Sky Ranch, and we'll be in some other places where shirts, souvenirs, and other things are available. 



If you have any questions about anything, let us know.  Except about where we are going.  That's a surprise. 

Again, so glad you can join us for High School Week. 

Get's going to be great!


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* The following paragraph was included in the original sign-up form:

All students participating in High School Week should read the following agreement and then sign at the bottom by typing their name.  This section is not to be signed by a parent.


We are glad you can be a part of High School Week.  We think it is going to be a great week, and we are glad you can join us. 


This is a trip where expectations for behavior are high.  Personal responsibility is expected.  When we are doing a service project, be willing to help without having to be told repeatedly.  When it's time to go to bed at night, go to bed.  Treat everyone with Christ-like love and kindness.  Romantic relationships are discouraged so that you focus on your relationship with God and be friends with everyone.  Profanity and coarse joking are not acceptable.


Any items brought by students which are illegal, or any immoral behavior will result in students being sent home.  If a student acts in a way which causes them to be removed from the trip, parents have the responsibility to pick their son/daughter up immediately.


Because our group will be spending a lot of time together on this trip, we would like to ask students who are a part of our church to be involved in Bible class gatherings this Spring.  Guests are not expected to do this, but for people who are a part of our church, it's important to be a part of our church during the school year and not just on a summer trip.

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