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(the info for the Church Campout is being hosted on the Youth and Family Ministry website, but the campout is for anyone, not just people/families connected to the youth ministry.)

This year's Church Campout is May 5-7, 2023.  Whether you are a seasoned camper or have never camped before, this is a great opportunity to spend time together with your family or friends and with others from our church. 

We'll be going to Cagle Recreation Area near Lake Conroe.  It's less than an hour away.  It's camping.  It's with others from our church.  What could be better?  So grab your tent or a camper, pack the ice chest full of food, and join us!

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Here are some details about the campout:

Cost: $68 per site.  This is for two nights. 


Campsites:  Each campsite can hold up to 8 people.  We have already reserved and paid for campsites for our group.  You can choose which site you want when you sign-up.

Location: Cagle Recreation Area.  You can search for the campground at if you would like to see more details about it.

Who can come?: Anyone. Young or old. With children or without.  Folks who have a tent or those who have a camper.  You can come if you're happy or if you're sad...but be forewarned, you won't be sad for long because this is going to be a great weekend. 

Some additional information:

The Schedule:  Well there's not much of one. Come when you can...leave when you need to... We want it to be a relaxing weekend for everyone, so we are not planning much.  We will have a meal together on Saturday and worship together on Sunday.  Otherwise, what you do all weekend is up to you.

Details about Cagle Recreation Area:  Cagle is about 45 miles from B/CS. There are 47 campsites at this campground.  Our sites have water and electricity (and sewer hookups for those in an RV.)  They also have a picnic table and a fire-ring.  If you want to have a campsite near someone specific, talk to them and choose sites near each other when you sign-up.  If you are planning to share a site with someone else, let us know so we know who all is planning to go.  PLEASE NOTE: There is a limit of 8 people per site (including kidos) and 2 tents per site (or a tent and a camper.)  We get a phone call most every year before we come and they ask us to make sure everyone knows about the 8 person limit.

Activities: The campground has trails, access to the lake, a boat ramp, a fishing pier, and plenty of places to bike.  You can bring things like bicycles, sports equipment, fishing gear, or anything else you would like to have for the weekend.

If you need to cancel: We can not get all of your money back.  There is an $18 service charge for each cancellation - so only sign-up once you are sure you want a site.  If there is someone who wants to take your site after you cancel, you may be able to get all of your money back.  If rain or bad weather keeps us from being able to go, we can not get money back, unless you cancel a week in advance.

Campsites: The campsites are already reserved for our group.  They are $30 per night, with an $8 service charge to reserve them at (which is the only way to reserve them.)  So the total amount for each site is $68.  There is no additional day use charge nor are there any charges for each person at your site.  The $68 covers everything. 

Questions:  If you have any questions about the campout, call, text, email or talk to Monty or Heather McCulley or Kylar Christison.

Sign-up Deadline:  There is not one, but once all of the sites are gone, they are gone.  About two weeks before the campout, we will probably cancel any sites we do not need.

How to sign-up:  All sign-ups are online.  Click the link below to sign-up.

Payment:  You can pay with cash, check, or credit/debit card.  If you pay by credit/debit, there is a $2 service charge, so your total would be $70 for your site. 

If you have a big RV: You may want to do some research to make sure your RV will fit into the campsite you are reserving.


The map below is a map of all the sites at Cagle Recreation Area.  We do not have all of the sites below reserved, but we have a lot of the sites from 2 through 19, 42-44 and 46 & 47, reserved for our group.  When you follow the link to the sign-up page, you will see all the sites we have reserved for our group and which ones are still available for you to choose.

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