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Summit Biblical Worldview Student Conference

You are engaged in a battle. Ideas come at you from every direction and few know how to make sense of the world.  Few know what they believe; and fewer still, why they believe it.  Summit will help equip you to know truth from fiction in our current culture, and help you know why God matters.   Summit's student worldview conferences are intensive two-week retreats designed to teach students how to analyze the various ideas that are currently competing for their hearts and minds.


Every summer, Summit Ministries hosts more than 1,700 students in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, for Worldview training and Christian leadership conferences. They bring the best leaders in America to speak, teach, and write to Colorado and to locations around the U.S. It’s more than just a classroom experience though. It’s a network, a life-long experience, a trajectory-shaping event. To say that Summit changes lives can sound cliché but it’s true. Summit’s fingerprints are found on the lives of politicians, business innovators, nonprofit executives, church leaders, and nearly every area of culture.

To find out more info about Summit, go to  Look for their student conferences. You will see available dates there.


Students can go with friends or go by themself. 

Sign-ups are on your own.

Transportation to/from Colorado/Tennessee is on your own.

Summit is an expensive two weeks.  They do have some scholarships available if you need them.


Summit is awesome, but know that it is intensive.  70 hours of college-level lecture and teaching is a part of Summit.  It IS NOT a typical camp.  Students are expected to be Christ-like in all they do.   HS drama or misbehavior are simply not accepted at Summit. 

Parents - want to know more?  Click this link to see speakers and additional info about Summit:

You can also talk to the Brandon, Case, or McCulley families.  We have all send students to Summit in the past and have been to the Summit Adult Conference.  Many other families from our church have sent their children as well.  

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