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The sign-up deadline for Soul Link has passed, but talk to Monty or Heather if you would like to go.  We'll do our best to get you in. 
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People around the world have debated for centuries about this one question: What is the best part of being in middle school? Some people feel like it is that you do not have to be in elementary school any more. Others say it is the fact that you do not have to be in high school yet. Still others say that you get free pancakes every Saturday morning. (We're not sure who those people are, or where they get the pancakes, but we're happy for them.) But we want to tell you what might just be the real answer to the best part of being in middle school. It's called... Soul Link' Yep. That's it. Now you know.

On February 24 thru 26, our middle school group is heading to a youth conference called Soul Link. Well now, you're probably wondering something like, "What is Soul Link?" or "What makes Soul Link so amazing?" or some other question that is very similar to these. You're in luck...this webpage has been created just to let you know all of the details. Read it well and then make plans to join us.

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Quick Info About Soul Link:

Dates: February 25 – February 27

Where: Soul Link is at Bammel
                 CofC in Houston

Who can Go? 7th & 8th Graders

Sign-up Deadline: February 8

Cost: $55

Meet to depart: 5:15pm on Feb 24

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We have included a highlight video from Soul Link 2022 near the bottom of this page for you to see what Soul Link is like.

Additional Details about Soul Link:

What will Soul Link be like?

Glad you asked. The short answer is: amazing. The long answer is: We'll start with a great bus ride down to Houston. (don't worry, it gets better.) Once we arrive, we'll go to the conference for some worship time, a drama group, a great speaker, and then we'll go to a church to spend the night and get some sleep. Saturday will be filled with some awesome classes, great activities friends, fun, dirty socks, syrup, excitement, watermelons, worship, games, and some speakers who will rock your world with some incredible messages about God. On Saturday night we will either stay at the church again and go to Bammel Church on Sunday morning or we'll make a late trip back to College Station and spend the night at our church building. Regardless of when we return, the bus ride home will be in the same bus that we took to Houston, but it will feel different. Different because we'll have spent a weekend growing in faith and in our relationship with God. Once again, amazing is a great word to describe it. We think you'll love it. By the way, we were just kidding about the watermelons, syrup and dirty socks. (Unless you don’t wash your socks before you which case they will be dirty.)

When we do leave?

We'll meet to depart at 5:15pm on Friday, February 24

How much does it cost?

The cost for Soul Link is $55. Full and partial scholarships are available to anyone who would not otherwise be able to join us for Soul Link. Talk to Monty or Heather if you would like to apply for one of these.  Do not miss this trip because of money.  (We work hard to keep costs low on these kinds of trips.  One way we do this is by staying at a church building at night.  Most other groups have to pay for hotel in addition to the registration fee.) 

What is covered by the registration fee?

Everything. All of your food, lodging, Soul Link registration fee, transportation, etc. If you want to bring some extra money for a CD from United Voice Worship or a t-shirt you can, but you won't need any extra money once you've paid.

Where will we be staying?

We will be staying at a church in Houston. We'll tell you more details once they are finalized.

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When do we get back?

Well, the plans are not quite finalized yet.  We will either return around noon on Sunday, or we will return to our building on Saturday night and stay overnight at our building (girls in middle school room; guys in high school room.)  Our goal is to be able to stay in Houston and go to Soul Link.  It all depends on our overnight housing plans and if we can stay in a church on Saturday night. 

Can I bring electronics or a cell phone?

This is a no-phone, no-electronics trip. Please leave all tablets, video game devices, laptops, DVD players, kindles/nooks, earphones, etc., at home. If your parents need to reach you or you need to talk to them, Monty and Heather's phone will always be available. You can borrow Monty or Heather's phone...or if your parents need you, they can call Monty or Heather's phone. We always want you to be able to talk to your parents or for your parents to be able to talk to you.

Can I bring muffins?

Yes, it is okay to bring muffins to bring to Soul Link. We suggest blueberry or banana nut. Those are by far the best kinds of muffins.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely, this is a great event to bring friends to. Just have them fill out the sign-up form below. If we need to talk to their parents about any of the details or answer any questions for them, let us know.

Can I bring a fish?

No, fish are not allowed at Soul Link. Sorry.

Will it be fun?

Of course. Not only will it be amazingly fun, it might just be the most fun (a.k.a. funnest or mostest funnest) thing you’ve done so far this year (or this decade.)

Here's how to sign-up:

All sign-ups will be online for Soul Link. If you would like to pay using a credit card or debit card, you can do so. There will be a $1.50 service charge to pay by debit/credit card. You can also pay by cash or check.

***Click here to go to the registration page***

***Soul Link 2023 Registration***

Once everyone is signed-up, we’ll send you travel info and a packing list.

If you have any questions, let us know.

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The video above is one of the highlight videos from Soul Link 2022.

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Pics below are from Soul Link 2020

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temp sl9.jpg
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temp sl8.jpg
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temp sl7.jpg
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