Departure Info: We will meet at lo10am on Wednesday, July 18. When you arrive, put your suitcase in the trailer or back of the big bus. If you want a pillow, blanket, or backpack in the buses, bring it in the church with you. We will check in and turn in cell phones (if you bring one) inside the church building.

Packing List:


Pre-trip devotional book

Your folder from our mission trip prep meetings


Clothes (no name brands on the outside..with the exception of small logos or brands on shorts) one pair of clothes that can get paint on them (in case we have a painting project)

Swimsuit or clothing that can get wet. (Guys can probably wear a swimsuit and a shirt. ..girls, probably shorts and a shirt would be best.)


Towel (at least 1)

Sleeping bag (we will be sleeping on the ground of a gym, so an air mattress or sleeping pad or cot might be nice)


Shower shoes

(Special clothes for Sunday morning worship will not be needed.)

Optional things:

bug spray




clean movies for the bus ride to/from Mississippi

money for snacks or drinks along the way to/from Mississippi

Cell Phones: If you would like to bring your cell phone to Mississippi, we will provide an envelope for you on Wednesday when we check in, and your phone will be placed in our phone box. We do not plan to pass out cell phones except maybe one time during the week. You are welcome to use one of the adult sponsors' phones at any time during the trip to call your parents if you need to. We're not trying to keep you from your parents...just trying to help us all be engaged in the trip and not on our phones all the time.

Other Electonic Devices: The following things are not allowed on this trip: iPods/MP3 players, iPads/tablets, video gaming devices, DVD players, televisions, cars, blenders, refrigerators, hot water heaters, drones, droids, electric lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, computers.

Other things not to bring: weapons/knives of any kind; anything illegal; any kind of alcohol, tobacco or drugs, or e-cigarettes; anything intended to play a joke on anyone;

Our Return: We plan to arrive back in College Station around 10:00-11:OOpm on Monday, July 23. As always, we'll keep parents updated via our twitter (@amyouthministry) and on the front of

HS Mission Trip Packing List and Travel Details



Hey Everyone - We're so excited about the mission trip to Sunnybrook and hope you are too.

There is a packing list near the bottom of this page. Please look it over and make sure you bring the things you need.

A few things to remember:

  1. Remember that this is a service trip. It's not about you. We want you to be ready to work, ready to serve, and ready to sacrifice. It's going to be a great trip and a lot of fun, but if you're thinking it will be an, "I'll sit back and let everyone else do the work so that I don't have to" kind of trip...well, it's not that kind of trip.  Come with a servant's heart!

  2. When you pack for this trip, remember that we do not need to bring any clothes with name brands displayed on the outside. This is a good week to dress down. Nothing fancy. Nothing that is costly. Lots of t-shirts and shorts would be great. No big Nike swoosh or Under Armor logo or any other kind of big logo. We do not think we can wear open-toed shoes during the day...because the students at Sunnybrook can't wear open-toed flip-flops are okay at night when students are gone....but during the day, you need tennis shoes or other closed-toed shoes.

  3. Remember that we do not talk about personal stuff with the Sunnybrook residents. You do not need to know why they have been placed at Sunnybrook. You do not need to know what their family situation was like. If they share that info with you it's okay. But we do not need to ask. They do not need to know details about your life. They do not need to know that you have your own cell phone or that you may have your own room at your house, etc.

  4. Scripture Memorization - if you have not turned in your scripture memorization page, please do so on Wednesday. Extra forms are available by clicking on the HSMT Prep tab of this webpage.

  5. The cost for this mission trip is $150. This covers all of your expenses for the week except for 2 meals (one on the way to Mississippi and one on the way home.) You will not need any additional money unless you want some for snacks on the way to/from Mississippi.