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(This info is hosted on the youth webpage, but is open to everyone.)
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Join us March 1-3 for the All-Church Family Retreat

Here are the details about the weekend:

Anyone from our church.  Older, younger, married, single, with family members, without family members.  It's open to everyone. 

A weekend to be with your family and with others from our church.  There will be some planned activities and games during the weekend, but a lot of the weekend will be for you to spend however you wish.


Pineywoods camp in Woodlake, Texas. (NE of Huntsville)


March 1-3, 2024. 


Around $50 per person.  (See below.  The cost varies based on what accommodations you want.   Our goal is for it to be similar or less than what you would pay for a typical weekend of food/hotel when visiting another town.) 

How to Sign-Up: 

Click here to go to the sign-up page

When to Sign-Up:

Anytime between now and February 11. But our rooms are if you think you want to go, sign-up sooner rather than later.  We can likely get more rooms if we need them, but the earlier we can ask, the better.


Frequently Asked Questions:

(actually these questions have not been asked, but if anyone were to ask us questions about the Family Retreat, we think these would be good questions to ask.)

Why a family retreat? 

We’re all busy, right?  Why add another weekend to the already busy schedule we keep?  Well, truth be told, we’re too busy.  We need a chance to take a break.  This weekend is intended to help provide a chance for your family to be together for a weekend, and give you an opportunity to spend time with other families from our church.  There is value in setting aside time as a family to be together.  If you’re like many families, husbands and wives meet each other in the driveway while they pass off one kid for the next activity and try to figure out how to have supper for their family that night.  This retreat is a chance to have a break from the crazy schedule many of us keep.  Food will be made for you.  You’ll have a chance to spend time with your family and time to focus on the Lord.  And don’t worry, the practice or game or whatever event you have will likely happen again on the weekend after the retreat. And the weekend after.  And the weekend after.  So enjoy a weekend to pause and worship and be with your family. 



What are the accommodations like? 

The camp has 3 different options and you can choose what you'd like.  And there are different prices for each one.

1) Hotel-type room - just your family, your own bathroom, beds, etc.  Linens provided. 

2) Bunkhouse - these will be separated - males in one and females in another.  Fathers and sons would be in one and women and daughters would be in the other.  Beds are bunk beds, provide your own linens or sleeping bag, and each bunkhouse has a large bathroom. 

3) RV site - if you have an RV and would like to bring it, they have hook-ups available. 

How much will this retreat cost?

The cost varies based on what accommodations you choose.

1) Hotel-type room - $300 per room for the weekend (for up to 4 people, $50 more for additional people)  If your family has more than 4 people, you may need to bring a cot.

2) Bunkhouse - $50 per person for the weekend

3) RV site - $40 for the site, plus $30 for meals for each person.  (So a family of 4 would be $160.)

A quick word about the costs:  We do not want anyone to miss this retreat for financial reasons
We have full and partial scholarship money available.  Also, if your family is doing well financially and can pay more than the costs above, let us know.  Retreats like this are costly and we are supplementing a good amount to make the retreat more economical for everyone.  We can let you know the actual amount we're paying for your famiy to the retreat center if you'd like to.  Absolutely no pressure either way - but we do want you to come and be a part of this weekend. 

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What will the food be like? 

We will eat in the dining hall for all three meals on Sat and breakfast on Sun.  The food is well above average compared to other camps. 

What are we going to do? 

The schedule for the weekend will be very flexible.  We’ll have a few devotionals, some short activities to do, and a bunch of optional things you CAN do.  Optional things include everything from games (we might have a scheduled game of kickball or volleyball for those who would like to play, and maybe dominoes/board games available in the meeting room, etc.)  There are activities which are available at the retreat center (basketball pavilions, baseball and soccer fields, ga-ga ball, a playground, human foosball, volleyball courts, tetherball, fishing pond, etc.)  We might have some challenges you can complete together as a family, if you want to.  But for those of you worried about not getting to relax or having your schedule filled all weekend, do not be worried.   Everything is optional.  You’ll get to choose how busy you want or don’t want to be. 

How do we get there? 

Transportation is on your own.  Get to Pineywoods the same way you get anywhere else.

How many families can go? 

Well, we can keep signing people up until all of the rooms are gone.  Because other groups will be at the retreat center the same weekend we are there, the number of rooms available will sell out.   If you want to come, sign-up as soon as you can. 

What if you sign-up but then can’t go? 

We’ll try to find someone to take your place or try to get some of your money back from Pineywoods.  Cancellation policies at camps are different than a hotel - so if you need to back-out, let us know.  If it's within a month of the retreat, we may be able to get half of your money back.  If it's within 2 weeks of the retreat, we probably can't get any money back.  But we'll do our best. 

What if we can only come for part of the weekend? 

If you want to come for one night, let us know.  We'll try to make it work. 

If the United States wins at least 30 gold medals in the 2024 Olympics, do we get free ice cream? 

Yes, but since the Olympics happen after the retreat, we do not see any possible way for you to get free ice cream at the retreat.  Sorry, I guess you have to buy your own ice cream if you want some.


Can we bring our family pet? 

No, Fido and Mr. Pickles need to stay at home this time. 

Can we bring a corn-dog machine? 

Yes, if you have a machine that makes them, bring it.  Then you can give everyone a free corn-dog just because you’re a nice person and you’re trying to help others have a better day.  Most people think corn dogs make the world a better place.

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When will most people get there? 

Well, we don’t know.  We anticipate some people leaving after work on Friday and heading to the retreat.  And we assume most people will head home after worship on Sunday morning.  But again, the schedule for the weekend is up to you, so choose what is best for your family. 

Is there a Family Campout this year?

No, the Family Retreat is taking the place of the Family Campout this year.

Can you tell us about the sign-up deadline again?:  There is not one, but once all of the rooms are gone, they are gone. 

How do I sign-up:  All sign-ups are online.  No paper forms for this one.  Click the link below to sign-up.

Can we pay by cash? How about check? Or by card?:  You can pay with cash, check, or credit/debit card.  If you pay by credit/debit, there is a 3% service charge.

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