Songs for 2nd service - Sunday, May 15

Praise Team - Thanks for your help tomorrow.  We'll meet at 8:00 am in the auditorium.  We can do a quick microhpone check and then work on songs for a little bit before I have to lead 1st service.


You'll be free by 8:25 (or maybe before) and then we'll meet back at 10:30 at the beginning of worship.


The songs below will tell you what to expect for tomorrow. 

Howdy Everyone -


Hope you have had a great week.  As we look forward to our worship this Sunday, here are some things to know:


This week's worship order:


  We Praise Thee, O God - Monty McCulley, Allie Soltis, Callie Hanna, Kevin Bradford, Ben Brandon


Welcome - Shaun Burrow


  I Raise a Hallelujah

  Never Gonna Let Me Go

  Good, Good Father

  A Shield About Me

                 (Praise team seated after A Shield About Me)

Prayer - ______ / Ben Brandon


Communion - Life in His Name

     Hallelujah, What a Savior

     Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

     He Paid a Debt

     There Is A Redeemer


Family Moment - LTC


Offering and Kids' Offering


VBS Announcement and Kids' Dismiss


  Great Are You Lord


Sermon - The Light of Dawn - Ruth 3


  Just As I Am (I Come Broken)  (Praise team back on stage)


Prayer  -  Charles Vesperman / John Case

In the video below...

We Praise Thee o God starts at 22:38

Raise a Hallelujah starts at 18:53