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Hey Mega Days campers -
We are so excited about Mega Days next week.  We hope you are too.  It's going to be a great, great week.
While you are at Mega Days, you'll be in a group with other students and with counselors.  This webpage will let you know what group you are in and who your counselors will be.
Pink Group
   3rd & 4th Grade Girls
   Emma Garner, Alli Warden, Ashlyn
Light Blue Group
   3rd & 4th Grade Guys
   Henry Adams, James Duncan,
  Jake Pote
Red Group
   3rd & 4th Grade Girls
   Isabel Duncan, Cami Warden
Teal Group
   5th Grade Girls
   Emma Wilson, Ramsey Medlock
Blue Group
   5th & 6th Grade Guys
   Jack Hanna, James Chupp
Purple Group
   6th Grade Girls
   Virginia Adams, Katy Glaze
Lime Group
   5th & 6th Grade Guys
   Cal Livingston, Jack Chupp
One important note: students are grouped based on the grade you are finishing this school year. 

We also have some Director's Assistants (DA's) who will be helping us at camp.  Those DA's are: Emily Jackson, Katherine Keyser, and Andrew Pickett

The adults helping with Mega Days this year are: Meagan Bishop, Emily Burrow, Weldon Cupp, Brandon Fergusson, Brianne Grove, Patrick Kelley, Brandy LaPaglia, Stacia Roberts, Paige Robinson, Meghann Sammons, and Angela Throne.

It's a great group of counselors, DA's, and adult volunteers who are all working hard and praying for a great week at camp. 

Mega Days begins on Monday, June 5 at 9:00am.  If you have not seen the packing list yet or details about camp, you can see them here: Mega Days Info

Again, we're really looking forward to camp.  See you Tuesday!

 - Jenni Christian and Monty McCulley...along with all of the counselors, DA's, and adult volunteers.

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