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Hey Mega Days campers -
We are so excited about Mega Days next week.  We hope you are too.  It's going to be a great, great week.
While you are at Mega Days, you'll be in a group with other students and with counselors.  This webpage will let you know what group you are in and who your counselors will be.
Teal Group
   3rd & 4th Grade Girls
   Kaley Burrow and Virginia Adams
Blue Group
   3rd & 4th Grade Guys
   Henry Adams, Braden Bomnskie,         Gates Leftwich 
Purple Group
   5th & 6th Grade Girls
   Emma Garner, Ashlyn McCulley,
  Norah Robinson
Lime Group
   5th & 6th Grade Guys
   Tanner Allen, Jacob Casey, Julian       Cuellar
One important note: you are grouped based on the grade you are finishing this school year. 
In addition to the counselors listed above, we also have some Senior Counselors who will be helping with all groups.  They are all high school graduates and have all been Mega Days counselors before.  The Senior Counselors are: Carlos Cuellar, Callie Hanna, Kerrigan Harris, and Grayson Soltis.
We also have some Director's Assistants (DA's) who will be helping us at camp.  Those DA's are: Kambrie Bomnskie, Jack Hanna, Beck Leftwich, Zach Lingo, and Emma Perry. 
The adults helping with Mega Days this year are: Emily Burrow, Julia Casey, Brandon Fergusson, Lisa Hanna, Brandy LaPaglia, Heather McCulley, Dyan Stripling, Angela Throne, and Laura Walker. 
It's a great group of counselors, DA's, and adult volunteers who are all working hard and praying for a great week at camp. 
Mega Days begins on Tuesday, June 1 at 9:00am.  If you have not seen the packing list yet or details about camp, you can see them here: Mega Days Info
Again, we're really looking forward to camp.  See you Tuesday!
 - Jenni Christian and Monty McCulley...along with all of the counselors, DA's, and adult volunteers.
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