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It only happens once a year...and it's almost time. 

Join us for this year's Back to School Family Fellowship. 

It's students + families + celebration + food + laughter + smiles + joy, which all equals to a great night.  But things like this don't happen without students... and they don't happen without we hope you'll come to this year's Back to School Family Fellowship.

Here are the big details:


Who: All 7th - 12th graders and their families...and anyone else you'd like to invite.


When:  Sunday evening, August 13, 6:00-7:30

Where:  The AFC Center & the Refinery (youth rooms)


What:  Supper and time to celebrate the beginning of the school year and welcome the new 7th grade students and their families.

Why:  Okay, hmmm.  So, here's something to think about: you could come here, spend time with your family and other families from church, encourage others by your presence, enjoy a good meal, help welcome the 7th graders (remember what it was like to be in 7th grade and what it means when people care about you?) spend some time in worship, and enjoy a great night.  Or you could stare at your phone at whatever social media platform you enjoy right now.  Or watch TV.  Or check email.  Or clean the house.  Or play Su-do-ku.  Or whatever else you might do.  But we think you'd find the Back to School Family Fellowship much more enjoyable (and life-giving) than those things.  And it's better for everyone else when you're here! 

RSVP: You can RSVP for supper by clicking here:

                         Back to School Family Fellowship Supper RSVP

Volunteer to help or bring food:

                       Click here to see what help is needed

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