Charles, Traci and CJ -

New Series.  It's Jesus and Your Faith.

So...Jesus and Loving Others, Jesus
and Culture, and Jesus and Your
Future are past.  Now it's Jesus and
Your Faith. 

I have put an overview the curriculum
writers gave us...and I think it's
pretty helpful. 

Just as with other lessons in these "Jesus and" series, the leaders guides are much longer than you need...
especially for the amount of time we have.  And the extra stuff at the beginning (Bible background, etc.) are great, but the main part to focus on is the stuff you'll share with the students. 

Look also for the links to the teacher prep videos in the leaders guides. Those are helpful.

Thanks for your help!!!

Jesus and Your Faith

  About Jesus and Your Faith (pdf)

Week 1 - April 24 - The Answer
      Leaders Guide (doc)
One note: we talked about John 3 a few weeks ago - so the context is slightly familiar to everyone (if they remember)  Anyway, just be aware of that as you teach.
No power point this week - but if you end up using one and want a graphic, let me know.  I am going to create a new "Jesus and Your Faith" graphic instead of using the one on this page.

Week 2 - May 1 -  Be Good Soil
   Week 2:  Leaders Guide (doc)
  Week 2:  Lead in activity (pdf)

   Week 2 Power Point Link:

Week 3 - May 8 - Do You Believe
    Week 3: Leaders Guide (doc)
    Week 3: Last Word activity (pdf)
    Power Point Link:

Week 4 - May 15 -  Rock Solid
    Week 4:  Leaders Guide (doc)

    Week 4 Power Point Link: coming soon

May 15 may be your last week.  We may do a summer kickoff day on May 22.  Not 100% sure yet.  If we do, you are more than welcome to join us, if you'd like.  The invitation is ALWAYS open to you.  

But even if we do not do a kickoff on May 22, we will probably let interns teach or do a combined class or something similar.  We'll talk more as the date gets closer.
Jesus and Faith.jpg

Christmas is here, and a new two-week series will help us point to Christ during this Christmas season.

I think this will help us put Jesus' coming in a way which will help our students.  I really want them to see the big picture about how God has been at work since the beginning, and Jesus' arrival is so crucial to understanding the story of God's love for humankind.  Feel free to help them see how all people who followed God in the OT would have been looking to the coming of Jesus.  After Jesus ascended to Heaven, we now look back to the life of Jesus, His death, and His resurrection and we see how God brought Jesus at just the right time to save us. 


For week 1, I am planning on taking a little time at the beginning with all MS & HS, so you may have a few less minutes than normal.  I'll try to not take too much time.

As always, many thanks for your help on Sunday mornings by helping our students see God more clearly!


Week 1 - December 12 - Our Only Hope

(there is a reference to Harry Potter here - make sure they know that an illustration like Harry is only used to help them understand the story of Jesus - comparing Jesus to any person or story falls so short of who Jesus really is.)

Week 2: December 19 - Above and Beyond




As always:

If there are any of the lessons you don't love, it's fine to skip them.  You can just use the next week's lesson and it will be fine.  Some of the lessons get can be a little tricky to keep their attention, or maybe you're just not feeling it with the content of a specific lesson... so if you look at any lesson and want to skip it or come back to it at a later date (or not at all) it's totally fine.  Just keep me informed so I can catch up with yall or get back on track at some point. 

Here is some info from the curriculum writer about how to use this series:  How to use the I Doubt It Series

Everything below this is old.  It's all still good, so I am leaving it here if you want to refer to it. 
Everything above this is new, as of Dec 10.


Week 1: He Said, She Said, God Said - October 31

Week 2: Priorities - November 14 (we're skipping Nov 7 because of a HS Retreat)

Week 3: Experiencing Grace - November 21

Week 4: What It's Worth - December 5 (we're skipping Nov 28 because of Thanksgiving)

December 13 & 20 - new series.  I will put lessons up soon.

Hey Wilsons and Vesper-man,

Thank you so much for being willing to teach our high schoolers

on Sunday mornings.  I am very excited about all of you being

with them.  Know that I'll be praying for you each week and am

always here for questions or to help or whatever else you need. 

This page has a few things which will hopefully be helpful to you. 

I'll update it fairly regularly to give you some additional tips or

things to think about.

For this week (and every week, but especially this week because

it's the first week) keep in mind that the lesson is important...but

teaching the lesson in a way they can relate to and apply to their life is more important.  So, think about how they can apply it to their lives.  Think about how you can make the text we are teaching from really apply to them.  Use stories and illustrations.  And let them get to know you and your story.  Years from now, they will not remember the lessons you taught, but they'll remember you, and how you treated them, and your love for God.  


Get to know them as best you can in the limited amount of time you have.  (I have a list of

names below and I'll try to put some pictures on here as well.) 

A few additional things to know:

Keep the mood of the morning light and enjoyable and remember that fun is the universal language of teens.  You're fighting an uphill battle because they come in tired from staying up too late on Saturday, and they are generally not morning people anyway. 


Smile.  Be encouraging.  Be enthusiastic. 


Be creative in how you handle things.  For example: If you ask a question and no one responds, one way you could respond is to say something like, "I'm not afraid of silence.  I can wait all day."  But a different way to respond might be something like: "Oh goodness, you guys forgot how to talk."  Or "Okay, everyone is too tired to talk, let's do this differently."


Then do something which will be easy for them to respond maybe saying:  "Okay, quick quiz: best restaurant in Bryan/College Station?"  And let them respond.  Or any other super-easy question which is sure to get a response out of them.  Then say something like, Okay now that I know you guys can talk...(and ask the question again (maybe rephrase it in a different way.)) 


Another example to get them talking: If you go to Bryan HS, say, "I do."  And let them respond.  Then: If you go to CSHS, say "I do."  And on through the high schools.  This gets everyone saying something.  And you can have fun with the people who do not seem to be proud of their school. etc.  And then ask what schools you missed...and you'll catch the Navasota and Brenham students and other schools. 

Anything like that which kind of catches them off-guard seems to help.  Generally speaking, they're not as great at talking about Bible things or faith things as I would like them to I try to be creative in how I help them talk about those things. 


The info below is from our curriculum for this semester.  It's all from a series called Pursuit.  The first part of this we will go through is a 4-week series called "Awestruck."  With this series, we are looking at worship, but I want our students to learn more about worship outside of Sunday morning than to learn about a Sunday morning worship service.  So, helping them see that all parts of life are worship is really important.  The lessons do a pretty good job at pointing students in that direction. 

This is pre-written curriculum.  I like this type of curriculum in situations where I have other people teaching because it gives you a good place to start from, it's usually well-written, and it helps us have a direction to go for the semester.  And they write it better than I do, usually, and the amount of time it saves me from starting from scratch is significant.  You're welcome to take away or add to with any of these lessons.  Some things will seem to teach naturally.  Others may be more difficult.  Feel free to use these lesson as they are, or just use them as a starting point for anything you want to teach.  And with everything, help them apply it to their lives. 

Week 1: Better Together  (August 29)

Week 2: Whispers in the Temple   (September 5)

Week 3: Honest to God    (September 12)

Week 4: Giving It All Up    (September 19) 

If you want to use the TV screens with a power point file, you can.  I like doing this and use it to teach from quite a bit, but you do not have to unless you want to. 


If you want to use screens, a few options:

1) I can have a computer in the HS room for you with a few verses and things from this lesson on it if you would like. 

2) You could bring your own computer (or iphone or ipad) and have your own presentation.  It works well to have it hooked up via apple TV, but  I can get an HDMI wire for a direct connection if you prefer. 


Examples of graphics they give us for the week 1 lesson are on the right. 

If you wanted to add some scripture references (like the James 4:1-8 reference) or any pictures or anything fun or anything else, you could. 


If you use my computer, I could get those things from you in advance or send you what I am using in middle school class.  If you bring your own computer or device, I can send you the graphics the curriculum writers provide. 


Here is a quick video talking about how everything is the message, not just what you say.  This video is in the context of an evening youth worship service, but it applies to our Sunday morning time really well.  There is some good stuff here. Ignore the part about where it is advertising a teaching series.

Students in 12th grade who will likely be in class on Sunday mornings:

Tanner Allen

Braden Bomnskie

Stephen Burns

Kaley Burrow

Caroline Coyle

Beth Hammond

Katherine Hughes

Drew Marchbanks

Sjon Pickett

Chad Warden

Students in 10th grade who will likely be in class on Sunday mornings:

Virginia Adams

Tate Allen

Clara Bircher

Kambrie Bomnskie

Jadyn Dacus

Elan Fergusson

Vivian Foster

Jack Hanna

Reagan Hughes

Allen Jackson*

Beck Leftwich

*Allen will answer every question you ask and have a lot to say, if you let him.  He is really smart.  And he is very likable.  He processes a lot of his thoughts out loud, so he will talk the entire classtime if you let him.  It does not hurt his feelings if you tell him to be quiet or let some others answer or just simply say, "not now."  Using hand gestures sometimes accomplishes this as well.  But if you do not help him to keep from speaking up all the time, he will take over the class.

Picture on the right is of some of our juniors.

Top - from left to right:

Brady Lawhorn, Henry Adams, Gates Leftwich, Tripp Foster, Cal Livingston, Camdyn Dacus

Bottom - left to right:

Patti Livingston, Ashlyn McCulley, Emma Garner.

In the background:

Bradan Bomnskie (left side facing to the left)

Between Gates and Tripp in the background: Beck Leftwich.

Students in 11th grade who will likely be in class on Sunday mornings:

Henry Adams

Camden Dacus

James Duncan

Isabel Duncan

Tripp Foster

Emma Garner

Helen Hindman

Brady Lawhorn

Gates Leftwich

Patricia Livingston

Calloway Livingston

Ashlyn McCulley

Students in 9th grade who will likely be in class on Sunday mornings:

Piper Belk

Parker Coyle

Brody Garner

Emily Jackson

Alex Lawhorn

Ty Lingo

Camille Warden

Allison Warden

Emma Wilson

Sofia Zahn