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This Sunday is Super Sunday.  And I’m sure there are some people in the world who are really excited about the big game, but for most people, the game simply provides a great reason to hang out and have fun. 


So, we’re inviting all MS & HS students to come this Sunday night when the game starts at 5:30.  We’ll have plenty of food, some new (and old) games you can play, time to hang out, friends to hang out with, and the game will be on a really big screen if you want to watch it.


Here are some things to know:

    - There is no cost. 

    - We will likely be inside because of the cold weather.  Masks

       will be required inside.

    - You can bring a friend or two if you would like.  Make
       sure they know we expect everyone to act great while
      they are here. 

    - If you like football, you can watch the game.  If you
      don’t like football, there will be plenty of other things
      to do.  You can even bring a game of your own, if you want.

    - Everything starts at 5:30.  Your parents can pick you up
      anytime.  The evening will officially be over when the
      game ends. 


Please make sure you RSVP so we will have enough food for everyone.  If you can bring a dessert to share with others, you can let us know on the RSVP page.  Please RSVP by Saturday, if possible.

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