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Small Group Questions for December 7
Every student will have a copy of the questions this week.
(you have some answers in parentheses...others will not have these)

HS Small Groups   -   December 7, 2022

2 Timothy 4   -   The Finish Line



Read 2 Timothy 4:1-4


1) What was Paul’s major charge to Timothy?


2) (This question is from verses 1 & 2.) Without being in a pulpit, how could you “preach” at school, at home, or at church?


3) What are we supposed to “be prepared for (v.2)?


4)  How can we get prepared?  

       (Note – for those who want to think a little deeper at home or during your own study time, refer back tov2 Timothy 3:16-17 and answer this question again)



Question to think about on your own:

Do you think you are prepared? Do you want to be prepared?


We must start right where we are, and grow and mature as we go along. We may never get to the point where we feel completely ready, but we must try to understand and live out the holy scriptures.



5) Which of the following “sound doctrines” (v.3) would most teens “not put up with”:

  • The idea that God created the universe

  • The idea that sexual relations are only for married couples.

  • The idea that Christ is the only way to heaven



6) Which of the following “myths” (v.4) sounds most acceptable to you:

  • That God doesn’t’ mind if you spend all your money on yourself

  • That sex outside of married is OK if you feel “ready” and it’s “safe.”

  • That you can wait to get serious about Christ until you’re old and have nothing better to do.




Read verses 6-8. 

7) Paul was killed shortly after he wrote this letter, and he apparently knew his death was near (v.6). He was confident that he’d done all he should to receive his reward (vss. 7-8). What do you think he meant when he said he had “fought the good fight…finished the race…kept the faith?” 


(Question for those who want to go deeper: what would it take for you to be able (right now at your age) to say , right now, that you’ve “fought the good fight…finished the race…kept the faith?” )




Read verses 9-22

8) Paul had relationship problems just as we do. Vss. 9-22 list all kinds of things Paul could have used as excuses for not doing God’s work (but didn’t).  Name at least 4 of them.



9) Which of these disappointments would have been most discouraging to you?



10)  Read 2 Timothy 4:18 again. (read it now…then come back and read the next part)  Paul continued to give God the glory for all that happened.  He didn’t let the bad things that happened to him keep him from telling others about God. Why do some allow the bad things in life keep them from telling others of God’s love?






Spread out and answer this question on your own.  Spend a moment praying and then come back to the seats.



Where would you describe where you are in your walk with Christ?

  • Just out of the blocks (recently saved and/or not very far along)

  • Hitting a good pace (beginning to desire Spiritual growth)

  • Picking up speed  (excited about Spiritual growth, can’t get enough of it)

  • Out of the running (walking away from God – simply not running the race at all at this point in life, you are not running for God at all)


Paul is challenging us to stay the course and make progress even while we are young.




            Paul finishes this last chapter of his last known letter with ringing confidence in God. Days will come when many people forsake the Gospel, yet Paul could look back over his life, knowing he had “fought the good fight” and “finished the race.” He encourages Timothy (and us) to do the same, in spite of the opposition we are sure to encounter.


“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7


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