Small Group Questions for October 19
Every student will have a copy of the questions this week.

Start Out:

  • What is something you’ve had to give up?
          (possible answers: friendship, sport, music, town you moved from, etc.)


Dig In:

Read Genesis 22:1-18   (maybe have a few students split it up and read it)


Discussion Questions

(Level 1)

  1. What does the story of Abraham, Isaac, and the ram say about God’s character? What is He really like?                       (He is good, faithful, and expects faith from us)

  2. How does this foreshadow God giving up His beloved Son?  
                                                          (God sacrificed His only Son for our sins)

  3. What did Abraham believe would happen if he obeyed God and sacrificed Isaac?  
                                                           (God would raise him back to life)

(Level 2)

  1. What is an idol? What kinds of things can be idols?          (anything you put before God)

  2. Isaac was a gift to Abraham. But God was testing to see if Abraham had made Isaac an ultimate thing in his life and if he had forgotten the Giver. What good things have you been tempted to make an ultimate thing in your life? What things have you been tempted to let become idols?

  3. What thing(s) does God often take a back seat to in your life?

  4. What can you do to change that?


Prayer – pray for the person on their right.  If you have time, let each person say a few things they need prayer for.