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Come enjoy a great evening with other middle school families as we play a little volleyball and eat together.

Volleyball.  MS students.  Parents of MS students.  Siblings.  Fun.  Supper.  Joy.

Get to know other MS students.  And get to know their parents as well.

Feel free to invite any students/families you would like to.

By the way, this is for your whole bring all of your children/students.  We can even work them into the parent side of the court for part of the game if they want to play.  (or the younger ones can hang out on the playground as long as you are comfortable with supervising them or them being on their own)

Okay, and let's talk about this Volleyball thing - we are not going to make any parents play who do not want to play...but we are glad if you are willing to join us.  And we need some parents to play because it would be sad to have to forfeit a students vs. parents game, ha. 

To help us have enough food, please let us know if you can come by filling out the form below.

There is no cost.


We'll have supper for everyone and then be finished at 7:00.


For any students who can stay for our regular MS/HS worship and Bible study time, it will start at 7:00.  It's called Intersection, and goes from 7:00 until 8:00 each week.    You are welcome to join us if you'd like.  There is also a group of youth parents who meet together most Sunday nights in the Commons.  If they meet this week, you can join them.  Or you can take some time to get a few things done and then come pick-up your son/daughter at 8pm. 

If your son/daughter has not been involved a lot lately, this would be a great night to come.

If parents can't come, MS students are still invited to come. 

Below is the RSVP link if you think you'll be able to come. If your plans change, no worries.  But this will let us get an estimate so we know how much food to cook. 

***Click here to RSVP for you and/or your family***

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