Get ready! Summer 2019 is going to be amazing. No, really. We're not kidding. And one of the things that will make it amazing is Camp Cornerstone. Cornerstone is a summer camp just for middle school students. It will be a great week of growing closer to God, growing in God's Word, praise, friends and fun. We hope you'll join us as we go to camp this summer!

Here are some of the details:

When: June 23 - 27, 2019

Who: Current 7th and 8th graders

Where: Oklahoma Christian University

Cost: $235 or $250, depending on sign-up date

Sign-up Deadline: March 31 (early bird) or May 5

How to sign-up: Look to the right of the scrolling pictures below. You will see instructions.


Signing Up for Camp Cornerstone:

All sign-ups for Cornerstone will be done online through the Cornerstone website. Our site has all of the information about Cornerstone, but all sign-ups are handled on the campoc site. Here is a link to their site:

Questions you might ask about Camp Cornerstone:

What is the registration cost? The cost is $250 if paid in full by May 5. ($235 if you sign-up in March.)

If you sign-up in March, use the coupon code: LOVECAMPOC to get the $235 cost. Without the code, the cost is $250.

...However - and this is a big however - if you register before the end of March and use the "LOVECAMPOC" code, you have to pay the full $235 when you sign-up. Otherwise, if you pay only a deposit, the cost for the camp will be $275. In order to get the $235 or $250 cost, you have to pay the full amount when you sign-up. We know that coming up with the full amount can be difficult.

We want to help. If you want to pay a deposit of $100 when you sign-up and pay the full amount by June 23, here is what to do: use the coupon code: AMEariyCamp and you will be able to check-out without any cost. Then pay our church the $100 deposit. (checks payable to A&M Church of Christ...and put it in the Youth Box anytime.) If you have any other questions or if you have trouble, let me know.

Does the registration cost cover everything?: The registration cost covers most all of your expenses for the week. The only other expenses are for two fast-food meals (one on the way to camp and one on the way back), a few dollars for snacks or drinks that you may want at the snack shack during the afternoon break, and a $20 key deposit (which you will get back if you keep up with your key.) Assuming you can eat a fast-food meal for $5 and you spend $2 a day for snacks, plan on an extra $20 for the week - plus the $20 key deposit (which you will get back).

Where will I sleep at night7: Students will stay in Oklahoma Christian dorm rooms. Students will need sheets for a twin-bed or a sleeping bag. All of our students will be staying in the same room as other A&M students. You may or may not be in the same room as your closest friends (but no worries, you'll see your friends all the time...and you might even make some new friends.)

How will we get to camp?: On the church bus. We'll leave on Sunday, June 23 around 7:30am. We will return on Thursday, June 27, around 9:00pm.

What if I don't want to wear my seatbelt on the bus?: You will need to get your mom or dad to take you to camp. : )

A Middle School only camp? Really?: Yep, that's right. This camp is just for middle schoolers. All worship times, teaching times, group times and everything related to camp is designed to help you, as a middle schooler, grow closer to God and know more about Him.

Are there counselors?: Yes, you will have a college-age counselor from our church or from another church.

Are there alligators?' No. To go to a camp with alligators, please find a church that goes to Louisiana or Florida for summer camp.

What should I bring?' Bible, towel, personal items, clothing, sheets or a sleeping bag, pillow, pen, notebook, tennis shoes. A more detailed list will be sent out a few weeks before camp.

Are cell phones allowed at camp?: No, phones are not to be brought to camp. You can reach your parents through Monty or Heather's phone if you need to talk to them. They can also talk to you in this way. We're not trying to keep you from talking to your parents. We are trying to eliminate problems with 250 middle school campers who all have their phones. :)

What if I plan on playing pranks on other students at camp?' Pranks, jokes, or anything else that would hurt someone's feelings or damage property are not allowed at camp. We expect students to respect all people and the facilities at OC. If this is going to be a problem, you may need to wait until another year to go to camp...or go to that camp in Louisiana that was mentioned above.

What if I've never been to Camp Cornerstone before?' Well, you're in for an awesome week. The only thing you won't like about Camp Cornerstone is that you only get to go twice before you go to our high school camp, Uplift. But don't worry, uplift is amazing too.

Have you ever been to summer camp? Wait, is this a question for me, or are you asking a person? I am a webpage. I have never been to summer camp. I have never even been to Walmart. I would like to go camp, but no one will take me.

Can I see a video from camp so I can know what it is like? Yes, we have some great videos from camp two years ago which were made by one of our interns. Click here to go to the page with the videos:

And here is some extra information to know about camp:

  • Oklahoma Christian University is in Edmond, Oklahoma (just north of Oklahoma City.)

  • Cornerstone has around 250 students each summer. Most students are from Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. A team of great youth ministers from these states plan Cornerstone each year.

  • We'll travel to/from camp in the bus. We will need a CDL driver and some parents to go as chaperones for the trip up. (They'll be able to retum to College Station that same day.) The interns have to go to camp a day early for counselor training meetings. The interns will take a suburban up early; our parents who help us get to camp will bring that suburban back to CS and arrive back to town late Sunday night.

  • We can always use moms or dads who can stay the week of camp and help out. Your role will be that of a dorm parent or support staff. Understand that you'll be going to work and help make camp a better place. You will get to see your child some each day, but you will probably not be in the same dorm as your child and you won't get to see them all day-every day. This isn't a good role for "helicopter" parents (because you would be going to help make camp better...not just to help make sure your son/daughter eats all their veggies) but it is a good chance to go to camp with our group. Talk to Monty/Heather if you might be able to join us and we'll tell you more.

  • We don't want students to miss camp because of financial reasons. We have a limited number of full and partial scholarships for any students who would not otherwise be able to go. Let Monty know if you need one of these scholarships.

  • Camp is a great way to grow closer to God and grow closer to other students in our church family. We've been taking students to summer camp for many years, and we believe it can make a huge impact in their lives. We hope your son/daughter will be able to join us.

If you have more questions, just ask. We hope you can join us for camp!

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