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                        (Parade map now available at the bottom of this page.  Parade order coming soon.)

On Sunday, August 22, join us for the second ever Back-to-School Parade.  It's a night of fun, celebrating the new school year and cheering on our students.

Last year was the first ever Back to School Parade.  It was a surprise parade that only a few people knew about before it happened.  We had some great students, cars, clowns, a fire truck, drill team members, a unicycle and a lot of other things in the parade.  It went so well, we're going to do it again.  But this year, we're not keeping it a surprise.  We're announcing it to everyone and inviting everyone to join us.  We're especially inviting all Kindergarten through 12th grade students to be a part of it. 

Here are the details:

Each grade will go through the parade with the students in their class.  There will be a parent or teacher who will help and lead each grade level group, Kinder through 6th grade. This adult will meet the students in the office parking lot and keep them together through the end of the parade.  A few days before the parade, we will let all Kinder through 6th grade parents know the parade order, the leader of their child's grade, and where to bring your child to meet their grade level group. 

Middle school and high school students will meet in the office parking lot as well, but they will not have a parent leader to go through the parade with them.  Monty and Heather will make sure they know what to do. 

Students can bring something to ride on (like skateboard or skates or scooter or ride-on toy, etc.) during the parade if they would like to.  (Bicycles are okay, but the speed of the parade will probably not allow them to really ride their bike.  They'll probably be more likely to sit on the seat and walk their bicycle.  But a bicycle with training wheels would work well.)  We do ask that no electric scooters or ride on cars be brought to the parade for students to ride. 

Students can also dress in any fun  ways  or wear a fun hat if they would like.  It's a parade.  It's meant to be fun. 

All parade participants will need to meet in the office parking lot by 6:45pm. 

Parents and others who will watch the parade will go to the parking lot near the portico. 

The parade will begin at 7:00pm.  It will probably be over by around 7:15 or 7:20.

Please feel free to invite friends, relatives or neighbors who would enjoy a random parade in the middle of August.  Again, it's all meant to be fun and meant to encourage our students.  We want to be the kind of church that loves our students so much we'll throw a parade for them, just to celebrate who they are in Christ.  And when you come, cheer loud!  Lots of "yays!"  Lots of "way to go!"  Lots of "woo-hoo's!"  Lots of anything else you want to say to cheer on our students.

If anyone has access to a unique vehicle or something fun, please let us know.  We're always looking for fun things for the parade.  So if your work or your friend or your neighbor has a unique vehicle or a special talent or anything else, let us know. 

Questions?  Talk to Monty McCulley or Jenni Christian
Parade participants: meet in the staging area at 6:50.

Monty McCulley, Jenni Christian, or Lori Vesperman will help you get lined up in the correct order.

Parade attendees: you can line-up anywhere along the parade route after the 7th-12th graders (listed in yellow at the beginning of the parade route)

Parade Order:


  1. Motorcycles

  2. Cheer/Drill Team/Colorguard students

  3. Kindergarten

  4. Powell

  5. 1st grade

  6. Seth

  7. 2nd grade

  8. Foster

  9. 3rd grade

  10. CSPD

  11. 4th grade

  12. Barnes

  13. 5th & 6th grades

  14. Buggy

  15. 7th grade

  16. CSFD

  17. 8th grade

  18. Bomnskie

  19. 9th grade

  20. Kerrigan

  21. 10th grade

  22. Munyon

  23. 11th grade

  24. 12th grade

parade map 2021.jpg
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