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We are so excited to invite you to the one day Spring Retreat.  It's the last Sunday of March and it's for all 7th-12th grade students. 


This is our first-ever one-day retreat.  The retreat begins at 11:45am, to allow you to join us at worship at 10:30 with your family, and then be ready for the start of the retreat at noon.  (If you can't come to worship, just join us at 11:45.)  We'll spend the afternoon and early evening at the retreat. 



When:  Sunday, March 28, 11:45am until 7:30pm

Who:  All 7th-12th grade students

Where: Sandy Creek Camp, between Navasota & Brenham

Cost: $10

Sign-Up Deadline: Wednesday, March 24

How to Sign-Up: Click here

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Here are a few more details:


Meals:  We will provide lunch at the church building before we leave.  We will have supper at camp before we come home. 

Masks:  Masks will be required at all times when we are indoors or in the buses.  And this isn't the kind of mask-wearing where you put it below your nose or on your chin. :)  Nor is it the kind of thing where you take it off anytime you want.  We don't like asking over and over again...and you probably don't like us asking over and over again.  But in the effort to keep all students safe, we'll have masks on indoors.  We are asking everyone to be willing to wear masks indoors simply out of their love for others.  Masks will not be required for the time we are outdoors, as long as you are social distancing.  However, students are welcome to wear masks all the time, if they would like to. 

Transportation:  We will charter school buses and spread everyone out, one student per bench on the buses.  Family members can sit two to a bench, if they want.  All others (even your besty friends and all) will be one per bench.  Masks will be required on the buses.  Parents are welcome to drive students to/from the retreat, if you do not want your students to ride the bus.  Students are not allowed to drive to/from the retreat.  Students are also asked to not ride a bicycle, skateboard, or snow-skis to the retreat.  We realize it has snowed twice this year, but that is not a reason to try to ski to camp. 

What will we be doing?:  The camp has a lot of activities, and we'll have some games and things of our own.  It will be kind of like a normal retreat, but all of the amazingness will be packed into one afternoon.  "Is that even possible?" you ask.  Well, yes.  Yes it is.  There will be games, fun, activities, food, worship, a campfire, cooking on the campfire, and even a chance to ride horses.

Why are we doing this?:  We have been looking forward to the time when we could have a youth retreat or special youth group activity.  We've done some meals, some game nights, Christmas parties, a Super Bowl party...all in addition to the Wednesday night Bible studies and Sunday night Life Groups.  A one-day retreat seems to be a great next-step in this covid-time and allows us to be together, enjoy some time playing and also focusing on the Lord.  Sunday is a day when most people do not have any school or extra-curricular activities, so we chose a Sunday for our first one-day retreat. 

What if it rains?  We will probably postpone this retreat to a different date.  If that decision needs to be made, we will probably wait until Sunday morning to make the final call. 

What if it snows?  We'll throw snowballs at each other.

Questions: Talk to us anytime.  In person, phone, text, or email are all great.  Call the church office if you do not have contact info for Monty or Heather

Here is a link to the sign-up page: Click here to go to the sign-up page on CCB

Liability Waiver for Sandy Creek:  Click here to download and print the liability waiver for Sandy Creek.  Bring it with you on Sunday when you come.  (We'll have blank copies that day as well.) 

Also, join us for the Family Campout on April 23-25.  All details can be found by clicking on Family Campout at the top of this webpage.
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