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Hey Students -

It's the end of October and you know what that means: it's time for the annual, exciting, and invigorating Fall Festival.  It's Sunday, October 24, from 4:30 until 6:00, with supper starting at 6:00.

Remember when you came to the Fall Festival as a kid?  There were always people there to run booths and encourage you.  Well, we need your help this doing the same thing...we need 7th-12th students who can help run a booth or activity.  You can sign-up to serve with friends or just sign-up for an activity and get to know some other students better.  

If you are coming, we need you to be helping/serving somewhere.  There are some youth booths/activities you can be a part of, or you can help your parents with any booths/activities they are doing.  But please don't come just to hang out - if you're here, we need your help serving.

Below are a list of areas where you can help.  Look at the different choices and let us know where you'd like to serve.  Or if you're willing to help wherever it is needed, just tell us to put you where help is needed.  And if you have an idea for a booth and want to coordinate it, let us know.  We can add booths to the ones listed below. 

Use the sign-up form at the bottom of this page to let us know where you'd like to help, and we'll add your name to the list.  This list will be updated as more people sign-up and/or coordinate a booth.  Some people have told us they are thinking of coordinating a booth.  As soon as you let us know for sure, we'll put you on this list. 

Feel free to dress up for the Fall Festival.  No scary costumes please. 

Thanks for being willing to join us and help out.  It's going to be a fun night. 
Booth 1 - Cup stacking

Coordinator: Adams Family

1) Virginia Adams

Booth 4 - Fishing for prizes

Coordinator: Pote Family

1) Jake Pote
2) Emma Perry
3) Bella
4) Addison Perry

Booth 2 - Throwing fish in cups game

Coordinator: Pote Family

1) Charlie Pote
2) Lucas Young
3) Karson Ramsey
4) Brogan Bomnskie

Booth 5 - tba

Coordinator: Meredith Fox

1) Haven Fox
2) Hailey Fox

Booth 3 - Balloon stomp

Coordinator: Lingo Family

1) Ty Lingo
2) Zach Lingo
3) Alex Lawhorn
4) Jack Hanna
5) Derek Ramsey

Booth 6 - Candies in a Jar

Coordinator: Lammoglia Family

1) Anni Lammoglia
2) Emma Wilson
3) Cami Warden
4) Alli Warden
5) Reagan Hughes
6) Ainsley Shields

Booth 7 - Nerf Gun Shooting

Coordinator: Senior Class

1) Chad Warden
2) Kaley Burrow
3) Braden Bomnskie
4) Drew Marchbanks
Stephen Burns

Booth 10 - Pumpkin Bowling

Coordinator: 7th Grade Girls

1) All 7th grade girls
(If you are a 7th grade girl and have a question about this, talk to Abby or Molly or any other girl who is involved in the planning.)

Katherine - Wherever needed
Booth 8 - Mario Cart?

Coordinator: Junior Class

(names of groups 8 & 9 are just put in as placeholders - actual groups may be different)
1) Gates Leftwich
2) Patti Livingston
3) Emma Garner
4) James Duncan
5) Andrew Shields

Booth 11 - Alice in
Wonderland/Flaming Croquet


1) Evelyn Walker
2) Katherine Keyser
3) Emelyn Hughes

The sign-up form may difficult to fill out on a mobile device.  If so, just text Monty and let him know what you want to sign-up for.
Booth 9 - Firefighters

Coordinator: Junior class

(names of groups 8 & 9 are just put in as placeholders - actual groups may be different)
1) Henry Adams
2) Ashlyn McCulley
3) Camden Dacus
4) Cal Livingston
5) Isabel Duncan

Booth 12 - tba

Coordinator: Young Famliy


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