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One of the important parts of the youth ministry at A&M Church

of Christ is our youth interns.  They serve our students and

families by developing Godly relationships with our students

and encouraging them to grow deeper in their faith in God.

Interns need to be willing to serve our students at a level that

is more involved than just being a youth ministry volunteer.

For the 2023-2024 school year we are looking for AFC students

who love God and are willing to work with our students.  We

want to help our 7th-12th grade students have connections with

college students who will help them grow in their faith and their love for Jesus.


Being an intern is a huge responsibility because you have the ability to help students grow in faith significantly ...but you also have the ability to hurt a student's faith. It is a role we take very seriously. We want any students who work with our students to have a committed relationship with Jesus and a desire to serve Him in their everyday life. 

Serve Working with Students as a
School-year Youth Intern

While it is a role that we do not take lightly, we also believe it's a great opportunity because it allows college students to make a huge impact in the lives of our students.  It also allows our interns to get to know people from our church who they might otherwise not meet in their years at our church.  In other words - you get to be a part of our church in a different way than if you are just connected as an AFC student each week.

School year internships are obviously different than summer internships because of commitments you have with classes...and because of the schedules of our middle and high school students.  Depending on your personal schedule, you may went to get very involved in youth ministry or involved at lesser level, yet still work with students as an intern.  Regardless, it's a very part-time position which mainly happens during times students are at church.  There are a few activities like a retreat or game night which you can come to if your schedule allows. 

If you are able to, you can come to our Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday night

classes.  If your schedule does not allow, then you could come as much as you can.  Our intern role is

primarily a relational role - rarely are our interns asked to teach...but we are open to it if teaching is

something you are good at.

We understand that travel plans or weekend trips can take you away from B/CS some weekends.

That's completely fine.  We try to work with everyone's schedule to make sure we have at least some

of our interns at every class or event, if possible. During the TAMU Christmas break and Spring break,

interns are not expected to work with us. 

While this opportunity should be something that you would do only out of love for Gad and a desire to serve Him, our interns do earn a small salary of $200 each month.

If this is something you might he interested in, we'll be glad to send you a job description with the details about the internship. We ask that you pray about this opportunity. Then we can meet together and talk additional details and take the next steps in this process. 


Thanks for taking time to read this info. 
Let Monty or Heather know if you have any questions or if you'd be willing to talk about this opportunity.

Link to intern application

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