We are NOT however canceling your relationship with the Lord!


In lieu of meeting in person or online this evening here are some things you might consider doing:


-FaceTiming or Zooming with a d-group or with friends to share a passage and a time of prayer


-Taking 30-45 minutes to find a quiet place to read scripture and pray


-Using the time you would be in TRUE NORTH to write encouraging texts, emails or (gasp) hand-written notes to friends or those you have not seen in awhile.


-Taking a moment to call someone you have missed seeing and sharing prayer requests with one another


-Journaling about what we have been talking about or simply taking 30 minutes to write about what you have been feeling or thinking


-Bundling up and (safely) taking a short walk while listening to worship music or listening to scripture on a bible app


-Visiting nbyg.org and catching up on a previous TRUE NORTH you missed


-Creating a piece of art around the ideas we have talked about from the book of Ecclesiastes or from some other passage of scripture


-Taking 20 minutes to make a list of as many things as you can for which you are thankful


-Texting a group of friends in the nbyg OR friends from school and asking for prayer requests and letting them know you will spend a few minutes in prayer for each of them. Pray the number of minutes equal to your age...REMEMBER THAT?!


Any of these activities would be a blessing to you and to others.


Give God a portion of your day.


I know Netflix, the PlayStation or your phone are clamoring for more of your time, but consider the discipline of carving out a moment to give to the Lord.


NEXT Wednesday at TRUE NORTH, I plan on doing something I don't THINK I have EVER done before at a TRUE NORTH.


Stay warm and safe...and we can't want to be with you next Wednesday...and hopefully (surely?) by Sunday.