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Here are the details for Fireworksapalooza on Sunday, August 15:
(RSVP link can be found at the bottom of this page.)

When: 5:45 until 9:30 (or maybe 9:15)

Who:  All incoming 7th grade students through College Freshmen (in other words, our MS & HS students from last year, plus our new 7th graders)

Where: The Starr Family's property in Madisonville

What: Hot dog cookout over a campfire. Followed by some fireworks.  Okay, now listen.  You hear the word "fireworks" and some of you may be thinking, "oh no, the youth group is going to go to this fireworksapalooza thing and start shooting each other with fireworks."  Others of you start thinking, "Oh yay! The youth group is going to this fireworksapalooza thing and they are going to shoot each other with fireworks."  Well, sorry, we're not shooting fireworks at anyone.  We have some small hand-held things like sparklers for students, plus some roman candles for some of the high school students...all will be used in a safe and closely monitored way.  Then we have some bigger fireworks which will be shot off from a safe distance away from the students.  So, hotdogs, friends, some fireworks, and a great night to hang out near the beginning of the school year.

How: We'll take the buses from church to Madisonville.  Oh, and for those who are worried about how we'll get home, we'll also ride the buses back from Madisonville to church.  If parents would like to drive their son/daughter to and from the Starr's property, that is fine.  No students need to drive. 

To Bring:  a lawn chair for each student would probably be helpful.  Students can sit on the ground while they are eating, but they would probably like a lawn chair.  If your son/daughter brings a lawn chair, we can put it in the back of the big bus and they can have it available if they choose to use it.

Additional Things to Know:
Masks are absolutely welcome to be worn on the buses and/or for the entire evening.  We will be outside while at the Starr family's property.  We will probably have a bathroom stop at a gas station or Walmart on the way home.

This is a part of our 3 big Sunday nights to close out the summer and start the school year:
    August 8 - Cardboard Boat Races and Cookout at Lake Bryan
    August 15 - Fireworksapalooza
    August 22 - Back to School Family Fellowship and Back to School Parade

To help us know how many bus seats we need and how much food to buy, please RSVP no later than Saturday, August 14.  RSVP by clicking here
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