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Smile.  Be encouraging.  Be enthusiastic. 


Be creative in how you handle things.  For example: If you ask a question and no one responds, one way you could respond is to say something like, "I'm not afraid of silence.  I can wait all day."  But that has been used a lot.  A different way to respond might be something like: "Oh goodness, you guys forgot how to talk."  Or "Okay, everyone is too tired to talk, let's do this differently."


Then do something which will be easy for them to respond maybe saying:  "Okay, quick quiz: best restaurant in Bryan/College Station?"  And let them respond.  Or any other super-easy question which is sure to get a response out of them.  Then say something like, Okay now that I know you guys can talk...(and ask the question again (maybe rephrase it in a different way.)) 


Another example to get them talking: If you go to Bryan HS, say, "I do."  And let them respond.  Then: If you go to CSHS, say "I do."  And on through the high schools.  This gets everyone saying something.  And you can have fun with the people who do not seem to be proud of their school. etc.  And then ask what schools you missed...and you'll catch the Navasota and Brenham students and other schools. 

Anything like that which kind of catches them off-guard seems to help.  Generally speaking, they're not as great at talking about Bible things or faith things as I would like them to I try to be creative in how I help them talk about those things. 

Week 1 - May 29 - The Fight Within
Week 1:  Leaders Guide (doc)
                 Power Point
                 Video can be downloaded here:

Week 2 - June 5 - Level the Playing Field
Week 2:  Leaders Guide (doc)
                  their power point
                   student handout (you guys can let me know if you want this or not)
                   a page they call "you pick" with some stock photos

Week 3 - June 12 -Living It
Week 3: 
Leaders Guide (doc)          
Power Point
                 Student handout (let me know if you want this or not)

Week 4 - June 19 - Power in Words
Week 4:    Leaders Guide (doc)

                     Power Point link is here:
                     Student handout (let me know if you want this or not)
                    audio - powerful words -
look at stand alone audio player

June 26 - at Cornerstone - week 5 - Tug of War

July 3 - no class

July 10 - week 6 - Future Focused
Leaders Guide (doc)
Power Point
link is here:                
Student handout (let me know if you want this or not)
Video link is here:

July 17 - week 7 - The Unchanging God
Leaders Guide (doc)                     
Teacher Prep Video:

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