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Get excited!

On Sunday, October 30, we want to invite you to join us for a one-day retreat.  It’s just for middle school.  It’s all happening between morning church and Intersection (Sun night youth)  ... And it’s going to be awesome!


Here are some details:

  • Everything starts after 2nd service is over.

  • We’ll eat lunch together and then head to a camp called
    Messiah's Ranch.

  • We’ll be back just before 7:00pm, which is when Intersection
    will begin.

  • The cost for the day is $10.

  • Sign-up deadline is Wednesday, October 26.


You can sign-up by clicking here:  MS Retreat Sign-Up Page

If you are a parent and would be able to join us as a parent sponsor, click here: Parent Sponsor Page

What should you expect?

After a nice little bus ride to the camp (which is around 25 min away) we’ll spend time playing games, relaxing, hanging out, worshiping, eating, and talking about our great God.  The games we play will be games that you probably don’t play anywhere else but at church…games like: take a hike, ultimate bingo, prince of wales, electricity, bubble race, zip-boing, and others.  We’ll have some time to spend in small group Bible study and some big group stuff as well.  We will either eat supper at camp or on the way back home, then we’ll come back to the church building.  We think you’ll really enjoy our time together.  Whether you have friends at church or not, you’re sure to make some new friends and enjoy being with other students.  And as always, feel free to invite friends to join us. 


Looking for more details?  Okay here are some:

  • You’ll need a change of clothes after church.  Depending on the weather on October 30, you’ll need shorts/tshirt or long pants/long sleeves/gloves/snow boots/etc.   We will spend some time outside and some time inside at the retreat.

  • Intersection on October 30 - the current plan is to have Intersection as usual when we return.  If you need to go home at 7:00 and get ready for the school day, that is fine.  Or you can stay, join us for Intersection, and your parents can go to the Parent Class (and your siblings can go to the Kids' Small Group, if you have younger sibs).

  • All of the pictures on this page are from previous One-Day Retreats. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

(actually no one has asked these, we just thought these are questions you would ask if you could talk to this webpage and it would talk back.)


Should I come?  Yes, absolutely. Here is why: this will be a great day of faith and fun and getting to know others from your church and any friends who come.  Sure, you could sit around your house instead and watch tv or play video games or something else, but we really think you'll like this retreat A LOT better.

What if I have some allergies or dietary restrictions?  Please tell Monty or Heather in advance of the retreat.

Will it be just like Sunday morning class, but longer?  No, it will be very different.  Sunday morning class is great, but being together for an entire afternoon will let you really get to know others, play a lot, have some shared experiences like a bus ride and activities and meals, and enjoy being together.


What if I have a schedule conflict?  Just invite everyone who is a part of the thing you have planned to join us.  So, if you have a game or practice, just invite your team.  Then the possibility of playing the game or practicing won't exist because they'll all be at the retreat.  You probably have lots of practices or games anyway, but there is just one retreat this semester.  And if it's a team for a sport, then we will have practice at the retreat and Monty will coach.  He knows most sports pretty well.  But he knows water-skiing best...however, there is not big enough lake at the camp to we'll probably just hook up a skateboard behind the bus and teach everyone the conepts of skiing.  It will be great.  Oh, and for those who are safety conscious and are now worried, don't worry.  We would never do anything to put you in the land-skiing is probably out.  We'll just go sky-diving instead.  We'll bring a bunch of helium and some balloons and you can go up a few thousand feet and then let go of the balloons.  It will be great. 

Can we stop these ridiculous FAQ's so that I can get on my life?  No, sorry.


Have you heard about the seats on the bus?  Some of them are really worn - partly because we bought a used bus and partly because we've used it for two summers and have continued to wear out some of the seats.  So, we are getting the bad ones recovered.  Some are fine and some are in bad shape...kind of like the pews at church, little by little we are recovering them so the inside of the bus will look even better.  We just recovered six this past week, and we'll do more in November. 

Why aren't the pews at church getting repaired?  Well, it's a really expensive cost.  So, we've been waiting and using pews that aren't perfect in order to save money.  They'll be repaired at some time, but for now, we're going with what what we have and try to be smart with church expenses.

Can you give me the sign-up link one more time?  Yes, yes we can.  Here you go: Middle School One Day Retreat Sign-Up

IMG_1411 3.JPG

We so hope you can be a part of this one-day retreat.  

If you have questions, talk to Monty or Heather. 

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