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On Sunday, December 5, we want to invite you to join us for a one-day retreat.  It’s just for middle school.  It’s all happening between morning church and Intersection (Sun night youth.)  And it’s going to be awesome!


Here are some details:

  • Everything starts after 2nd service is over.

  • We’ll eat lunch together and then head to a camp called
    Sandy Creek Bible Camp.

  • We’ll be back just before 7:00pm, which is when Intersection
    will begin.

  • The cost for the day is $5 plus a wrapped white-elephant
    Christmas gift.

  • Sign-up deadline is Wednesday, December 1.


You can sign-up by clicking here:  MS Retreat Sign-Up Page

If you are a parent and would be able to join us as a parent sponsor, click here: Parent Sponsor Page

What should you expect?

After a nice little bus ride to the camp (which is around 45 min away) we’ll spend time playing games, relaxing, hanging out, worshipping, eating, talking about our great God, and we’ll even have some time to talk about some Christmas things.  The games we play will be games that you probably don’t play anywhere else but at church…games like: take a hike, ultimate bingo, prince of wales, electricity, bubble race, zip-boing, and others.  We’ll have some time to spend in small group Bible study and some big group stuff as well.  After a campfire and cookout, we’ll come back to the church.  We think you’ll really enjoy our time together.  Whether you have friends at church or not, you’re sure to make some new friends and enjoy being with other students.  And as always, feel free to invite friends to join us. 


Looking for more details?  Okay here are some:

  • You’ll need a change of clothes after church.  Depending on the weather on December 5, you’ll need shorts/tshirt or long pants/long sleeves.   We will spend some time outside and some time inside at the retreat.

  • Intersection on December 5 (after we return) is going to be a special night.  It’s our annual MAGI gift box packing night.  It’s been two years since we have done this, so you guys have not gotten to be a part of it yet.  But it’s great.Here is what is involved: We’ll take the buses to Walmart and buy things to go in Christmas gift boxes which will be given to people who do not have many/any Christmas gifts.  Then we’ll head back to the building, put the boxes together and pray over them and for the children who will receive them.  It’s always a special night, and we are excited that you’ll get to be a part of it.

  • All of the pictures on this page are from the MS/HS One-Day Retreat in March of this year.


We so hope you can be a part of this one-day retreat.  

If you have questions, talk to Monty or Heather.