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At the HS Retreat, we encouraged students to continue growing in faith after the retreat is over.  To help them do this, we gave all students a 4-week devotional book which is related to our theme from the weekend, The Darkness and the Light.  We also want to include the students who were not at the retreat as well, so we are making the devo book available online.  Parents, you are welcome to go through these daily devos as well. The devos can be found below.  These are the same ones in the books the students brought home from the retreat.  If there are students who could not come to the retreat who are using these devos online, (or if there are parents using these devos) we will post additional ones below.  If not, then we won't continue to update this page, and we'll just let students from the retreat use the books they already have.

High School Daily Devo Book

temp devo book verse1.jpg
temp devo book cover.jpg

Daily Devos:

The devos below are in pdf format.  You may want to print them so you can write on the pages.  The idea is to spend time with these devos to help develop a habit of spending daily time with the Lord.  (We will continue to add days soon.)

You can go at your own pace, or keep up with the schedule below.


Week 1

     Day 1 - Monday, November 6

     Day 2 - Tuesday, November 7

     Day 3 - Wednesday, November 8

     Day 4 - Thursday, November 9

     Day 5 - Friday, November 10

     Week 1 Recap

Week 2 Introduction

     Day 1 (week 2) - Mon, Nov 13

     Day 2 (week 2) - Tues, Nov 14

     Day 3 (week 2) - Wed, Nov 15

     Day 4 (week 2) - Thu, Nov 16

     Day 5 (week 2) - Fri, Nov 17

     Week 2 Recap

Week 3 Introduction

     Day 1 (week 3) - Mon, Nov 20

     Day 2 (week 3) - Tues, Nov 21

     Day 3 (week 3) - Wed, Nov 22

     Day 4 (week 3) - Thu, Nov 23

     Day 5 (week 3) - Fri, Nov 24

     Week 3 Recap

Week 4 Introduction

     Day 1 (week 4) - Mon, Nov 27

     Day 2 (week 4) - Tues, Nov 28

     Day 3 (week 4) - Wed, Nov 29

     Day 4 (week 4) - Thurs, Nov 30

     Day 5 (week 5) - Fri, Dec 1

     Week 4 Recap

A note from the first pages of the devo book:

temp devo book summary.jpg
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