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This page is still under construction.  Most of the links do not work yet.  Check back soon, we'll get them working.  We think you'll be encouraged by the great info here.

Parents - We want to help you be the best parent you can be.  The task of raising children is not easy.  We are here to help. 

Each week we will have Bible studies and youth group gatherings to help supplement the messages of faith you are sharing with your students.  While we will do everything we can to help your son/daughter to grow in faith, remember that you are your student's best youth minister. 

Here are some resources to help you be a better parent.  Check them regularly and subscribe to their podcasts.

Parenting, Family, and Teen Culture Websites


Center for Parent and Youth Understanding - Website dedicated to helping parents understand youth culture.  There are podcasts, articles, and resources related to social media, entertainment, sexuality, and culture.

Entertainment Review Websites


Common Sense Media - Age-based entertainment reviews for parents.  Searchable database of movies, books and more.  Check this out before any movie you see.

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Parent Cue - Website (and app) with specific information for parents dedicated to helping parents be the best parent they can be.  You can sign up for an account with your children's ages to get specific info related to the grade they are in.  Articles, resources, podcasts and faith helps can be found on the Parent Cue.


Plugged In - Movie, TV, Music, Games, Books, and YouTube reviews for parents.


Focus on the Family - Website (and app) with help for parenting, marriages, and everything related to family.  Podcasts, articles, resources, faith, Q&A's related to parenting and much more. 


VidAngel - Creators of "The Chosen" and subscription service to automatically filter  inappropriate content.  This is a great service to remove profanity and sexual content from your family's entertainment. 

FamilyLife - Website (and app) with help for marriages and parenting.  Resources, podcasts, printables, online studies, articles and more. 


Summit Ministries - Biblical worldview resources and help to know more about controversial cultural issues.  They have many resources which are helpful with issues your student faces. 


Right Now Media - Gigantic collection of videos Biblical worldview resources and help to know more about controversial cultural issues.  They have many resources which are helpful with issues your student faces. 


Every phase is a timeframe in a kid’s life when you can leverage distinct opportunities to influence their future. During each phase, there are critical conversations each child needs to have: Technological Responsibility, Sexual Integrity, Faith, and Health. 

These Life Maps are divided into sections by phase with specific strategies, questions, and words you can say to engage your kid in a meaningful, practical, age-appropriate way. 


Cell Phone Agreement - expectations for you and your kid to talk through—both for how/when they use their phone, and for how/when you use yours. And even if your kid has had a phone for a while, it’s never too late to talk about what a healthy relationship with their phone looks like. 

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