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A little bit of worship.       A little bit of Bible study.       A lot of fun.
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It's back!  This Wednesday night.  All 12th grade and under students and their families are invited to Wednesday Night Family Connect.

This is a chance for your family to connect through games, worship, Bible study, fun and encouragement.  It's also a chance to connect with other families and students from our church. 
You might see some families you have known for a while, and you might even meet some people you have not known before.  So make plans to join us this Wednesday night!
Here are the details:
When: Wednesday nights from 7:00 until 7:50.
Where: At the church building.  First week will be in High School Room in The Refinery.  We may switch to a different room or area of the building in future weeks.
Who: All families with children.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
(Actually these have not been asked yet, but if you did ask a question, we think it might be one of these.)

What will we be doing?  Each week will be different, but on any given week, we will...
   have some games which will involve everyone
   spend some time in praise to God (and we might sing one of those happy-clappy kind of songs the kids like to sing these days),
   talk about the Lord
   have a time to pray together
   laugh (actually, that will happen every week)
   and we might have some snacks

What if our whole family can't come?
No worries, just bring whoever can come.  Middle and High Schoolers (students who have completed 7th-12th grades) can come without parents, if needed.  6th grade and under will need to have parents with them.

Will we always be in the High School Room? 
Depending on how many people are able to come, we might use other rooms in the church building.  The HS room is a good place to start because of video and sound, has access to a kitchen to serve snacks, is close to the playground and has some garage doors which can open to make more room for everyone.

Can we enter through that door by the HS Room?
Yes, you can enter through there or the Great Hall doors.

Can we call some people and invite them to eat supper at the building?
Yep.  You can do that.  Don't forget to bring your own food.  We may have some snacks for everyone after Family Connect is over, but the only other food we really have at the building are communion crackers and juice.  And as you know, the prepackaged stuff doesn't taste too good.

If you have any questions, call/text/email Jenni Christian or Monty McCulley.  They may not have all the answers, but they're both fun to talk to and they'd enjoy talking to you. 
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