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Faith@Home: Faith Path
Sunday Mornings - Spring 2023
During the Spring semester of 2023, we will have a Sunday morning class for parents of all school-age children to help them be more intentional as they raise their children to know and love the Lord. 

Most every week will have a new teacher(s), and each week will focus on a new subject.  The main role of the teacher is to present some information on their specific topic, and share it in a way which can be applied for elementary, middle and high school students.  We will give each teacher some resources...and each teacher can do some research on their own as well.  There will hopefully be discussion each week
which will happen naturally as a result of what the teacher presents.  You do not have to be an expert...nor do we expect you to be...we just need someone who will take a little bit of time to research and share some thoughts with other parents. 
Because you are a parent and have walked through some of these topic in your life and in the life of your family, we would like to ask for your help.  You don't need to be an expert.  And no one is perfect in any of these areas.  This class is a chance to talk about some topics which need to be a part of all of our lives.  It's also a time to encourage some other parents to think about some topics they otherwise might not spend much time thinking about.  
The class coordinators will start class each week, and then hand things off to the teachers for that specific week.
The class coordinators will be Bryan and Lisa Hanna and Dallas and Kari Ramsey.

Weekly Topics:
Jan 8 - Intro to Faith Path and Phases: Ramseys and Hannas
Jan 15 - Blessing: Brandon
Jan 22 - Family Time: Orozco
Jan 29 - Bible: Christian
Feb 5 - Prayer: Wilson
(CJ & Traci)
Feb 12 - Leading Your Child to Christ: Vesperman
Feb 19 - Giving & Serving Week 1: Burrow
Feb 26 - Parenting: Brandon
Mar 5 - Baptism: Davidson

End of Spring Semester, Part 1

Spring Semester, Part 2 will start on March 19.
Mar 19 - Video - Get Your Passion Back
Mar 26 - Phases and Parenting Topics - McCulley
Apr 2 - Phases and Parenting Topics - McCulley
Apr 9 - Easter - no classes
Apr 16 - Service and Giving - Slaten
Apr 23 - _____
Apr 30 - _____
May 7 - _____
May 14 - Technology - Lingo
May 21 - Launch - Bradford
Some other things to know:

- This class will meet in the Parlor.

- We will provide each teacher with some resources which will be helpful.  You can find other resources, or other people, or any ideas you want in order to focus on your assigned topic.  If you want to provide handouts, we can print them for you.  If you want to use power point, a projector is available in the room. 

- The Spring Semester is divided into two parts for our adult classes this year.  Part one will meet from the beginning of the year until Spring Break.  Part two will meet from Spring Break until summer.  We anticipate this class to go both semesters.

- Most weeks will focus on the topics from the Faith Path.  You can see those topics on the graphic at the top of this page.  We will also have some weeks which focus on the Phases each student goes through as they grow up.  We think all of these topics will be really encouraging to parents. 

- Our main goal is to help encourage parents to live into the calling God has given each of us as parents.  A secondary goal is to help parents have a good place to go on Sunday morning where they can meet other parents and have a place to belong. 

- If you have any questions, talk to Monty or Heather or Jenni anytime. 
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