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SuperBowl 2022-all.png
The super bowl game will be on a TV where you can watch it
if you want to, but it will not be the focus of the evening. 
There is no cost. 
Feel free to invite friends. 
Here are details about the Big Game Parties on Sunday, February 13:

High School:
5:30 until 8:30pm. 
Meet in the Refinery. 
Scavenger Hunt, Supper, Games, Gym, Fun, Joy.

Middle School:
5:30 until 8:00pm.
Meet in the Gym.
Games, Supper, Games, Games, Fun, Happiness.
We have a few parents who are helping with the parties, but are still looking for more.

We also need some desserts and some students who have a Nintendo Switch (with Mario Party or Mario Cart or similar mulit-player game) and who are willing to bring their Switch to do so. 

You can see the list of what is needed by clicking here:
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