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Oh Yay!  You’re Going to Winterfest!

Yeah, your 2023 is about to get really good.

Winterfest starts this Friday!  Woohoo!  We are so excited you are able to go to the awesomeness of Winterfest this year.  It’s going to be a great weekend. We hope you’ll be praying between now and Friday for God to open our hearts and help us to be open to what He wants us to see this weekend.  At the heart of this weekend is growing closer to God and following Him more faithfully. Even with the fun and such, the spiritual part about Winterfest is the best part about this weekend.  Hope you’re excited.


This webpage contains travel details and packing information. There is quite a bit of info here, so make sure you read everything carefully.



Departure on Friday:

(We will be leaving from different locations.)

  • Our church building – 3:25pm. 

  • CSHS – when school is out.  We’ll park outside the Fine Arts Hall…somewhere between the school and the trees – in the marching band practice lot.  Look for the black bus.  Please be to the bus by 4:05.

  • Consol - when school is out.  We'll park in the parking lot of our old church building (Grace Bible Church) close to Guadalupe.  Look for a _________ vehicle (still working on that one) Please be at the _________ (a multi-passenger vehicle to be named later) by 4:05.

  • Target (not Kroger) at Briarcrest and Highway 6 – 4:25pm, or possibly a few minutes earlier.  Parents are welcome to come here as we well and see us off.  This will be a potty stop (in Target) and then we will get on the road. 


(See the list at the bottom of this page for specific students who are meeting at each location.  If you are not on the correct list, let us know.)


Return on Sunday:

We plan to return sometime around 2:30-3:00pm on Sunday.  We will update parents via email with the exact time once we leave Waco and head toward College Station. 


Here is the plan for luggage:

Students are welcome to bring their luggage to the church building anytime on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  You can put it in the church building or in the youth trailer.  (Text us if you do not know the the combo to the locks.  And if you come at a time when the trailer is not in the parking lot, you can put luggage in the office hallway outside of Monty's office.  He will look at the luggage and whose name is on the luggage and then decide if he likes you enough to carry your luggage to the trailer for you.  Ha.  Hahaha.  How could that even be possible?  Monty likes everyone.  He thinks everyone is awesome.  So of course he will carry your luggage to the trailer for your.  Hey-he'd even carry it all the way to Arlington for you if he knew you needed it.  (But it would take a few days, because walking to Arlington can take a while.) )


Things to bring:

  • Clothing for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Dress/church clothes are not needed for Sunday.

  • Clothes/pajamas to sleep in on Friday and Saturday

  • Toiletries including soap and shampoo

  • Towel and washcloth

  • Shower shoes or flip flops

  • Sleeping bag and pillow.  We will be sleeping
    at a church, so it’s best to bring more than a
    sheet and a pillow.  You’re welcome to bring
    a small foam mattress or cot or blow up
    mattress if you want.

  • Money for two fast-food meals

  • Cards, games, etc. For the bus ride to/from

  • A coat

  • A camera (we will not have much access to
    phones on this trip)

  • A flashlight (if u wake up in the middle of the night and need to find the restroom)

  • An open and humble heart

  • A good attitude


Do not bring the following:

  • Earbuds/earphones, tablets, portable gaming system or any other kind of electronics except for a camera.

  • Anything intended to play a joke on anyone or anything illegal.

  • Anything you should not have, including any kind of tobacco, vaping or alcohol products

  • A bad attitude

  • Turtle shells

  • Porcupine quills

  • Alligator teeth or feet



Cell phone information:

Sometime on Friday, we will have envelopes for students to put their phones in.  If you need your phone at any time to call your parents, you are welcome to use it.  Otherwise, we’ll keep the phones put away for the weekend.  As always, your parents can get in touch with you by calling Monty or Heather’s phone…and you are welcome to use Monty or Heather’s phone at any time to call them.  We are not trying to keep you from talking to your parents, but we are trying to help all of us to be “present” with the people around us and not on social media or other apps throughout the weekend.  Also – in addition to the info above – please do not bring a second phone so that you have one to turn in and one to keep with you. 


A few things worthy of noting:

  • Except for two fast-food meals, all of your meals are furnished during Winterfest.

  • There are usually a few things for sale at Winterfest.  If you’d like to bring money for this, please feel free to do so. 

  • You’re welcome to bring snacks (but the bus stays CLEAN.  Very CLEAN.)

  • Anything you bring from school (backpack, tuba, etc.) can be put in the bus/trailer with us on Friday.  Your homework will not be done for you before you get your backpack again on Sunday, but you are welcome to do homework in the bus or during our break on Saturday.

  • There are a lot of different groups who come to Winterfest, and our group will stay together throughout the weekend. At all times during the Winterfest conference, we will sit together as a group.  If you have friends from other churches, they are more than welcome to sit with our group. 

  • The other day I got to go to an origami workshop.  There were some famous people there.  One of the guys at the table next to me was Dwayne Johnson.  After we had been there around 30 minutes, I needed something to cut a piece of paper.  So I borrowed Dwayne's.  Then, unfortunately I lost them.  Turns out, I lost the Rock's Paper Scissors. 

  • If you have any food allergies we do not already know of, please let us know.

  • If you normally drive a vehicle to school, you may want to arrange a carpool or be dropped off on Friday so your vehicle does not stay at school all weekend.  Again, you’re welcome to meet us at the church at 3:25 if you get out of school early. 




Okay, that’s a lot of info.  If you read all of this and have a question, let us know.  Again, we are so glad you are going to Winterfest.  We’re excited about what God is going to do in each of us throughout the weekend.  We ask for your prayers before, during, and after this trip.


Here is a list (as best as we currently know it) of when and where students are meeting the group. If the info below is not correct, please let us know.  (And if you do not see your name below, let us know.)


Meeting at church at 3:25





Meeting at Consol at 3:50 -











Meeting at CSHS at 3:50 –













Meeting at Target in Bryan at 4:25 –
















Adults for this trip -

Monty & Heather

Sarah F

Lisa H

Michelle K

Brandon T

Thad A

Notes for 2023:

-Only 5 students met at church, so consider just starting at schools and then Target is the main pick-up spot. Or keep both.

-whirleyball and then UTA might be fun on Sat afternoon. UTA was booked 2:00 until 4:00, but we got there at 3:30 because of an unexpected service we stayed until 4:30. The showers worked great at UTA. Book it for longer than 2 hours. If we had not had the service project, we would have had nothing to do from around 1:00 until 2:00. 

-We went to CFA at 4:35 or so, and ordered food together. Our big order together took longer than the groups that came in and ordered individually. 

-Breakfast stuff worked great at the church.

-Subway was great on the way up.

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