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Session 2:

Here is a link to the pages for session 1.  Your parts will be on page 18 (page 2 of the pdf file.)

Session 2 pdf file

The part on page 17 of the booklet - I will lead through that. ..and the Philippians 2:5-7 part.  Then I'll turn it over to yall. 


NEXT, read Philippians 2:8 and answer the questions below. Ask:

  • What do you see in this verse that is unexpected?

    • Answers will vary, but the most unexpected thing has to be that Jesus, God Himself, humbled Himself even unto death on the cross for the payment of the sins of humankind.

  • What is an example of someone you know humbling themselves to do something kind for someone else?

    • Encourage students to try to write something down.Anyone have anything they wrote or thought about?

  • As if it were not already humbling enough to take on the form of a servant, Jesus, God Himself, went to the cross to die an innocent man. How could Jesus bear to do this?

    • Answers will vary, but we can only understand it in the context of Jesus’ love for us, which is where you’re headed with this lesson.

  • If Jesus is God, couldn’t He do anything He wanted? Who was He being obedient to?

    • : There are a few different ways to arrive at the same point. Essentially, Jesus was being obedient to His own plan. But in the role of the Son within the context of the incarnation, Jesus, the Son, was being obedient to the will of God, the Father. It's a mysterious and awesome thing to consider. But what we know is that Jesus had a choice, and He willingly chose to go to the cross to save us.



THEN, read Philippians 2:9 and ask the questions on the page. Ask:

  • What does “therefore” refer to?

    • : Because Jesus was obedient to God’s plan.

  • In Paul’s picture he paints here, Jesus went from being the servant to being what?

    • : Exalted, honored above all else.

  • But before He was exalted above everyone, what did Jesus’ obedient death and resurrection make possible for us?

    • : Life through faith in the person and work of Jesus.



NEXT, read Philippians 2:10-11 and work through the questions below. Ask:

  • What is the proper response to people when they see Jesus in His rightful place?

    • : Worship. That’s what Paul is saying here. Worship.

  • There were people around Jesus when He was living on this earth who never saw Him for who he truly was. They only saw the humble carpenter’s son. What do you think their response was when they read words as Paul wrote here?

    • Answers will vary.



Explain that this passage shows us something truly unexpected: the lengths Jesus went to in order to save us from our sins. But point out that the most unexpected thing is why. Paul fleshes out the “why” pretty clearly in another passage. Direct your students to the 2nd Corinthians passage. Read or have a student read the passage. Then, ask the question underneath:

  • What do you see in this verse that is unexpected?

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