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Summer only comes once a year...

...but changes in faith can last a lifetime.

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Here are the dates for some of the things on the calendar for this summer. 
(Keep in mind, we do not advance grades until the end of summer.)

Paint-O-Rama (MS & HS)  - May 31-June 2   a chance for students to serve by painting houses
                                                                                                                          click here for more info

Mega Days (3rd-6th Grades) - June 6-10   a week of camp just for our 3rd-6th graders
                                                                                                                          click here for more info

High School Week  - June 19-24   a week with a little bit of everything: camp activities, fun,
          service, & spiritual growth - all completely focused on Jesus
   click here for more info

Middle School Camp Cornerstone - June 26-30   a week of camp specifically for 7th-8th
                                                                                                                                                click here for more info

High School Mission Trip - July 10-15    a week of serving others at Southern Christian Children's
        home in Morrilton, Arkansas
                         click here for more info

If you are looking for dates for a family vacation, there are no big youth events scheduled the week of July 4 and the last two weeks of July.

Other events such as in-town and one-day activities will be announced as summer gets closer. 

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All of the pictures above (except for the picture of students painting a house) were from the summer of 2021.  The picture below is from Paint Wars Night, 2019.
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