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7 on 7...unless we need to play with less because there are not enough girls.


A kickoff/punt will begin the game and will happen after each score.

8 second rush (only one player can rush)


QB can run if other team rushes.  Otherwise, QB can not run


8 downs per series, no 1st downs possible.


Ball goes to other team after 8 plays if team does not score


If team wants to give up 8th down, they can punt or we will place ball near the opposing teams approx. 20 yard line


There will be 4 quarters of play.  Each quarter is 8 minutes long.


Delay of game will be called after approx. 30 seconds between plays


If a QB plays all of one series, she can not play in the next series. 

Try to include everyone on a fairly equal basis if they want. 

Fun plays are always allowed.  Yelling funny things, trick plays, etc. are great. 

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