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Beginning Sunday Night, October 1
Parenting in a Tech World
In the Commons

(Kids' Small Group meets in the Parlor and MS/HS students meet in Refinery at the same time)

Come get to know some other parents and learn some things about how to raise our kids in this tech-driven society we all live in. 

This is a video series we will watch as a group, and there will be some discussion questions (and time for feedback/ conversation as well) each week. 

Here is a description of the video series:

Parenting today is like no other time in human history.


Don’t get us wrong – raising a child has always been challenging.  But no parent or caregiver (before our generation!) had to navigate the nuances that come with children spending upwards of eight hours online between school, gaming, social media, and just interpersonal communication.


The dangers are countless.  So are the opportunities.


Our mission is the educate, empower, and remind you that at the end of the day, we all could use a little grace.


The goal is to raise children who can navigate this world successfully, leave the nest, and actually want to return to spend time with us (willingly) once they are all grown-up. 


Will you make mistakes?  Will they? Absolutely.  Can we all get through this together?   100 percent. 


October and November

Sunday Night Parent Group Schedule:

  Oct 1 - 7:00pm

  Oct 8 - 6:30pm (b/c of Area Wide Youth)

  Oct 15 - 7:00pm

  Oct 22 - Fall Festival (no parent group)

  Oct 29 - Family Skate Night (no parent group)


  Nov 5 - 7:00pm

  Nov 12 - 7:00pm

  Nov 19 - ?? (likely 7pm)

  Nov 26 - ?? (likely 7pm)

This is not just a group for parents of MS/HS students.  Feel free to invite any other parents you would like to invite.  The info you will get from the video series is great.  And the people in the know, the ones in the room with you...well, they are some of the best people in the world. :)  


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