The Art of Parenting

Sunday Evenings at 7:00pm

In the Commons

Starting September 26 and going throughout the fall semester

Sponsored by A&M Youth and Family Ministry

Facilitated by Brian and Erin Casey

Bible study and activity time for K-6th, and Intersection for MS & HS, will happen at the same time as this parenting video series.

We're excited about a new opportunity for parents of middle and high school students - and their Kinder-6th graders - on Sunday nights.  We know what it's like.  You come to the building and drop off your son/daughter for Intersection on Sunday nights.  As they walk in the door of the building, you sit...and you think...if only I were in middle school or high school again...I could have a great place to go on Sunday nights with friends and could grow in faith and I wouldn't have to just drive around town waiting for my son/daughter to be finished. 


Well, good news: For all MS & HS parents, we will have an opportunity to go through The Art of Parenting video series on Sunday nights during Intersection.   (Families with younger children would also benefit from this opportunity and are welcome to come, but this is specifically promoted to our MS & HS families.)

Most Sunday nights this fall (with a break for Fall Festival, Halloween, and Thanksgiving) we'll meet for a video-based study designed to not only help you find new ways to integrate faith into everyday parenting moments, but also to create an environment where you can shoulder burdens together, celebrate breakthroughs, and relate to one another's day-to-day parenting journey.

As a parent, you will be equipped in making faith core to your parenting with intentional, biblical instruction and Christ-centered plans that aim your child's heart toward God. You will finish the study with renewed confidence in parenting, fresh insights on parenting children of different ages, and a parenting plan unique to each child's personality and gifts.

Click below to see a 1.5 minute video preview of the video series

Click here to let us know you can come to the Art of Parenting gathering on Sunday nights and/or order a workbook.  This will help us know how many chairs to have set-up and how many workbooks to order.

During the month of September, we are encouraging all students and all parents to read through one of the Gospels.  It's called One Month, One Gospel.  You pick which Gospel.  You pick when and where to read it.  By the end of this month, you'll have woken up 30 days, brushed your teeth at least 60 times (hopefully), eaten around 90 meals, and read through an entire book of the Bible.