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This page is intended for our high school servants team. 
Here is your list of things to do before camp:

1) Final HS Servants Team Training Meeting and Child Protection Training - Sunday, 6/5 at 6:00pm

2) Read through all 3 of the servant team training pdf files, and the extra info from Servants Team Training 3

3) Get your parents to sign the waiver from Waters' Edge and bring it with you on Monday.You can see the link below.

4) Get your parents to fill out the Prescription and Over the Counter Medication Form.  You can access it here:

5) Pack - look at the packing list on the mega days participants page.  Click here to see that page

6) Prepare your cell phone to be without you for a few days.  Make sure your parents have Monty and Heather's numbers in case they need you or if any kind of emergency situation arises.

7) Pray - we want you to be praying for your campers before, during, and after camp.  Spend some time today, and each day before camp, praying for them. 
Click these links to access the training info from all three training meetings.  The expectation is that all HS Servant Team members would know the info in these training packets very well.  Answer the questions, when applicable.  Read it at least 3 times (yes, we know you're smart and you could get it after one reading...but we really want you to know this stuff well.  If you miss the deadlines for when to have it read three times, it's okay.  Not everyone got this info before the deadlines.)  Reading the info multiple times will help make sure you know it well. 

Mega Days Servants Team Training 1 (from May 15) - Click here to download pdf file.
Mega Days Servants Team Training 2 (from May 22) - Click here to download pdf file.
Mega Days Servants Team Training 3 (from May 29) - Click here to download pdf file.
Mega Days Servants Team Training 3 - extra info - Click here to download pdf file.
Waiver for Waters Edge Encampment - to be signed by your parents - Click here to download pdf file.
Mega Days 2022 Groups

PINK - Girls - Group 1 (5) - 3rd girls


Counselors: Isabel & Virginia

Matilda Barkman 3rd

Leilani Gomez 3rd

Callie Skow 3rd

Adelyn Wilson 3rd

Clara Wright 3rd

YELLOW - Guys - Group 1 (7) - 3rd guys

Counselors: Beck & Cal

Knox Anderson 3rd

Ellison Ely 3rd

Lincoln Grove 3rd

Jack Hudson 3rd

Grant Young 3rd

Hudson McCulley 3rd

Liam Henderson 3rd

TEAL - Girls - Group 2 (8) - 4th girls


Counselors: Ashlyn & Emma W

Aria Brinker 4th

Dora Jackson 4th

Peyton Killough 4th

Zoey Ksionda 4th

Briana LaPaglia 4th

Reagan Lovett 4th

Mila Van Allen 4th

Hanna LaPaglia 4th

Rosie Allen 4th

BLUE - Guys - Group 2 (11) - 4th guys


Counselors: Henry & Jack

Trace Allen 4th

Aidan Bedell 4th

Grayson Branch 4th

Koen Fergusson 4th

Gage LaPaglia 4th

Max Marrs 4th

Colby Perry 4th

Case Killough 4th

Reagan Ragsdale 4th

Weston Ryon 4th

Trevor Sweeney 4th

Luke Wilson 4th

PURPLE - Girls - Group 3 (14) - 5th girls


Counselors: Kaley, Emma G, Jadyn

Rilyn Bomnskie 5th

Honour Cupp 5th

Abbie Fulmer 5th

Hannah Fulmer 5th

Hope Hindman 5th

Helen Hutchinson 5th

Clara Skow 5th

Emily Young 5th

Amelia Casey 5th

Clara McCulley 5th

Kendall Cockerham 6th

Alexandria Guy 6th

Anisa Zahn 6th

Peyton Hughes 6th

LIME - Guys - Group 3 (10) - 5th & 6th guys

Counselors: Gates & Chad

Jackson Anderson 5th

Collin Dacus 5th

Asher Hindman 5th

Steward Hutchinson 5th

Lucious Olvera 5th

Connor Skow 5th

Caleb Fuchs 6th

Josiah Olvera 6th

Coulter Suehs 6th

Aaron Walker 6th

Director's Assistants:    Emily Jackson &  Elan Fergusson
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