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We are honored to have your son/daughter at High School Week.  As we go through times at camp, times serving others, and times going to unexpected places, we hope each student will love God more and be more committed to Him. 

After taking students to camp for over 20 years, we have seen over and over again how powerful a week of camp can be in the life of a student.  We also have been so blessed to get to experience camp ourselves (as adults) year after year.  It's not the great accommodations or the great food we have appreciated, but instead it's the powerful teaching, the times of watching students fall more in love with Jesus and seeing students give their lives to Him.  (Oh, and the accommodations and the food through the years...sometimes we wondered if we would survive, ha. )

So...while we can't take all of our parents to camp with us, we do want to send a few bits of encouragement your way so you can be encouraged while we are gone.  And here's the reason: as parents, we are the primary faith-influences for our children.  They watch us, they see us and learn from us.  Our commitment to the Lord greatly impacts our children, so it's important that we make our relationship with God of primary importance in our life.  We are going to bring your children home on Friday, Lord willing, after a lot of great experiences and faith growth.  They will come home - hopefully - really excited about the Lord.  If you are encouraged in your faith as well, it will help your children. 

The video below is from Life Church in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Some of the lessons we are teaching our students this week come from some of the thoughts in this video.  We want to encourage you to find a time - tonight instead of watching TV, or while you are driving, or while you are exercising or some other time on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, to watch or listen to this video.  Decide when you're going to watch or listen to it, pencil it in your schedule, and be encouraged in your faith.

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