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Read John 18:28-19:1


3. What stands out to you from this passage?


4. How do you see Pilate struggling in this passage?  Why do you think he was struggling?


5. What would you have done in Pilate’s position?



Read 19:1-16

6. When Pilate gives Jesus to the soldiers, how do they dress him?(2)  Where do they strike him?  What do they call him?


7. What does Pilate keep trying to do in this passage?(4,5,6) 


(What charge is there?  No roman charge.  No roman trial.  No right to execute.  They were looking for an execution, not a fair trial. )



8. What does the crowd keep yelling at him?  What makes Pilate afraid?(7,8)


9. What does Pilate say to Jesus to try to get him to talk?(10) 



10. How does Jesus respond?   


11. What happens when Pilate tries to set Jesus free?(12)



12. Why do you think Pilate kept trying to hand Jesus over to the Jews?  Why didn’t he handle Jesus himself?


14. What ultimately causes Pilate to cave in to the Jews request?(12-13)  What does this tell you about Pilate?


Read 17-22 –


15. What notice does Pilate fasten to the cross?  What do they say about it?  How does Pilate respond?


16.What do you think Pilate was feeling?

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