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2020 was not the year we expected it to be, but there were many great things which happened.   Here are a few of the highlights:


- Starting on March 18, we created teaching videos each Sunday night and Wednesday night.  We had over 778 minutes of video on YouTube during our Sun night online and Wed night online teaching times in March, April and May.  There were 24 different  


- We had 4 different devo books which were sent out to students in the mail between April and December.  These were intended to help your son/daughter grow in faith on their own.  Those devo books were:     

1) Easter at Home    

2) Belief + Life (Gospel of John)  

3) Better for It    

4) The Wondrous Gift. 

We had multiple service projects, all sponsored by the Youth Ministry, from June through December:



In addition to these things, we also had students sign-up to write our senior citizens and shut-ins during the quarantine. Some of those “pen-pal” writings still continue today.    

Each of these service opportunities helped our students to focus on others and serve others, even during the pandemic.



Some additional highlights of 2020:





- Starting in June, we had outdoor Bible studies on Wednesday nights (9 of them) and outdoor Family Worship Nights (8 of them) on Sunday nights throughout summer.

- When school started, we had outdoor Bible studies on Wednesday nights (17 of them) and youth worship (8 of them) or small groups (7 of them) on Sunday nights. 


- Since we were outside during the summer, we provided drinks each time we met.  Throughout all of the family worship nights, outdoor Bible studies, and all youth events throughout the summer, we bought a total of 1432 bottled waters, Gatorade, soda, and other drinks.  Thanks to Sam’s Club, the number was easy to count. : )  We have around 25 left, so that’s over 1400 that were drank throughout summer and fall by students and parents.  This doesn’t count the hot chocolate which has been consumed in abundance in November and December.   


- We had Paint Wars for both MS and HS, game and supper nights for both MS and HS, and Christmas parties for both MS and HS.  We had three Sunday mornings where we served donuts, juice, and coffee between 1st and 2nd services.  Our summer interns delivered boxes with snacks, a summer t-shirt, a summer water bottle, and a sticker to each student.  We had a kickball games for parents and students, a movie night in the parking lot for parents and students, and an outdoor family worship night on the last Sunday before Christmas. 


       But more than any of these things, we are thankful for so many great students who truly love the Lord and live for Him daily.  We were so blessed by all of the things God allowed us to do in 2020, and for all of the students who were a part of all of these things.  We are also so thankful for all of the families who kept encouraging, kept helping, and kept staying positive through all of the difficult times.  You are truly awesome. 

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nights of teaching and encouragement streamed during the quarantine.  Most all of the nights included students who filmed themselves sharing a Bible verse or a devo thought.  We had well over 150 clips of students among the 24 videos.


- We had 22 nights (this is an estimate because we didn’t keep count) of students meeting together on Zoom after the Sunday night or Wednesday night video streams.  In addition, we had 3 family game nights on Zoom and 6 Zoom Bible study nights.

1 ) Bike Night for Others – we raised $2500 by riding bikes and scooters around the parking lot.  We donated all of it to Ciudad de Angeles in Cozumel and Program for Humanitarian Aid in Cozumel. 


2)  Food Drive for Brazos Church pantry – at our drive-through food drive, we collected 1432 pounds of food and donated it all to the church pantry.


3) School Supply Drive for Scotty’s House – we collected over 400 school supplies and donated them all to Scotty’s House to help abused or neglected children in our community.


4) MAGI Gift Boxes – we filled 47 MAGI (Make a Godly Impact) boxes and sent them to missionaries to be distributed to people who need them.

- One of our favorite events of 2020 was a surprise parade (complete with classic cars, clowns, cheerleaders, a unicycle, fire truck, students, and Foree Grove as the Grand Marshall) at the Back to School Family Fellowship to celebrate our incoming 7th grade students.  Click here to see a video from that event:

2020 grads.jpg

- In May, we celebrated our Class of 2020 graduates with an outdoor celebration night complete with pop-up tents for each of our 18 Seniors.  And on Senior Sunday, we created a tribute video with people from our community (including BISD & CSISD school superintendents, principals, coaches, local TV personalities and the Texas A&M head baseball coach) congratulating our seniors. Click here to see that video:

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